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Communist Karl Marx Endorsed by Obama as the Next President? [Trolling Obama Supporters]

from Mark Dice:

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8 comments to Communist Karl Marx Endorsed by Obama as the Next President? [Trolling Obama Supporters]

  • Rob

    Why doesn’t this person go to the campus of MIT and ask someone for a brief overview of theoretical physics. I’ll tell you why, because he be totally lost after the first two words of the answer.

    • Glitter 1

      The point is,in this “Democracy” the intellectual and the Moron both have the same force of “vote”.The dilemma is that there are more morons than intellectuals and in a Democracy majority rules.That’s why the country was set up as a Republic,not a Democracy.Intellectuals are not necessarily the answer either since all Progressives/Liberals/Socialists/Communists are usually “intellectuals” (so called).

  • Larry from Montreal

    I hope he is just cherry picking the morons. I can’t believe he didn’t find people who know who Marx was and what Communism is even in California.

  • Brad

    I dont think this is a issue of the American people supporting Communism or Fascism, its simple a perfect example of their ignorance. They have no clue who Karl Marx is, Obama’s personal and political history, they probably couldnt name their states senators, governor, town mayor, etc… They’re all too “busy” to think about politics and even if they had free time they wouldnt read a news paper or watch the news, no they would watch the latest episode of some mind numbing reality tv. At the end of the night these people all go to sleep and of dream of buying storage lockers, flipping houses, hunting gators and having a obese child that eats spaghetti with her hands.

    Someday the American citizens will wake up but when they do they will be slaves.

  • Jeff

    Dice is a dick. Period. He loves to make people look stupid just to boost his over inflated ego. I wish SGT would stop posting his videos. I can’t stand his condescending self ingratiating little rants and tirades.

    • jeff

      Ding, ding, ding. Winning post for today.

    • NaySayer

      Seconded. I can’t stand Dice. He pretends to criticize celibrities but what he is really doing is getting negative attention for himself using their name and his videos SPREAD the message of the celebritards to places like this who would never heard of them if he didn’t post his celibrity trash to SGT.

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