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College? Sure, Beats Getting On With My Life!

from Stefan Molyneux:

In the second call on the 9/8 Sunday Call In Show, Stefan Molyneux and Jeffrey Tucker discuss going to college for philosophy or economics, escaping the prison of student debt and using college as an excuse to delay living.

Watch Part 1 Here

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4 comments to College? Sure, Beats Getting On With My Life!

  • Rodster

    Yes, I totally agree with the notion that going to college is just an individuals excuse to take on the responsibilities of life. More so I see this trend continuing as the economy continues to decline and students decide to stay and live at home with their parents.

    They realize our nation is in decline so they use the Govt’s money to prolong the inevitable. And the Govt is prolonging the inevitable of a ‘Student Loan Bubble Collapse’ when students in mass find they cannot payback their loans to the Govt because their are no good jobs to be had to pay off those loans.

    What a truly wonderful world liberals and progressives have made for our youth ! 😉

    • Jonathan

      Progressives and other left wing Fascists are one half responsible for the university debacle but I never met a republican who didn’t claim you have to go to university then go work for a corporation and be a slave for life. Unless you can break through and be a slave owner yourself, then you’re a job creator.

  • Hman

    The clip is in the wronge section, or is it my browser?

  • NaySayer

    So what does he expect these people to do? They have been indoctrinated since kindergarten that everybody has to go to college. Some people actually do value education & knowledge not for how much money it makes you but because they value knowledge and intelligence.

    The government wants these kids in college because the citizens most likely to act up for change are the ones whose future is being stolen right in front of their eyes. Males ages 17-24 already commit most crimes do you think the govt. wants them out on the streets agitating/rioting for change? This keeps them busy and thinking maybe they have a chance at the disappearing “american” lifestyle their parents in some cases are still barely hanging onto.

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