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Bugging Out of the City with Your Family

by O. Dog, Survival Blog:

The never-ending threat of the TEOTWAWKI looms in the depth of all of our minds. My work experience lays primarily in public safety, government peroration to emergency response, tactical team assaults, gang mentality and survival, logistics and law enforcement radio communication. My personal experience is very broad beginning with my first job at age 15, working continuously through college, being married for the past 16 years to my “high school sweetheart” and raising three young children. I have been validated in court as an expert in several fields regarding gangs, firearms and narcotics. I would like to share with you my thoughts and expertise relating to successfully bugging out of an urban area.

My family and I happen to live in the California Bay Area and like many of the readers, live in a heavily-populated urban area. Don’t be fooled though, many of us urbanites are just like our rural area pepper counterparts; we just haven’t made the jump to move to the desirable off grid lifestyle, full time.

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5 comments to Bugging Out of the City with Your Family

  • Rancher

    Funny thing having someone living in San Fransisco preaching about all the wisdom he has about prepping and bugging out…then showing a map of the Pacific inland states like he has a rats chance of getting there. Even if he and his (at least ) five member family did get that far if they had not already pre-positioned over three years of goods at their group retreat sight they would not be welcome. They would be a liability and not an asset.

    Groups that wish to succeed in a crisis must be semi secluded and stocked in full ahead of time and just lacking the dedicated members who did the stocking to show up. A smart group would only allow members into the group that are no more than a couple driving hours away so they can have a chance to get there…even on foot.

    If the author was so clever and well seasoned he would have left CA. long ago and taken the pay cuts required to move up to that mapped out region. But they do not because the attraction of the money is just to great. Regardless they will justify said failure and polish over it…..Personally we only take advise from people who have made the sacrifices to relocate and have funded themselves to have three years minimum of all what will be needed with no re-supply. That does not include water and shelter but it does include everything else.

    What in your stash pile and is your stash pile at the retreat and is it close enough to walk there in a couple days of winter snows and freezing cold?

  • Ed_B

    Articles like this can be very helpful, particularly to those who are just awakening. Those of us who are more experienced already have a pretty good idea of what it takes to “get out of Dodge”. Still, it does not hurt to review another person’s plans and see if there are any ideas that have been overlooked and can be incorporated into our own BO plans.

    “Additionally traveling by bicycle or by foot will extend your travel time immensely so plan for it.”

    Indeed so… and consider caching various items along your route that can be accessed while making that long slow journey. Food, water, meds, and ammo could be among the items cached. Other things can be as well but these are among the most critical. Fuel would be as well for anyone traveling via motorized vehicle.

  • Troy

    You should be in an area ALREADY that is a place where you would be able to survive and thrive. I am. You need people to come to your area….people that you should have talked to already, and made a plan. You need people, knowledge, weapons, fuel, water source, seeds, tools, preps etc.

  • Rancher

    More experienced preppers have a good idea what it takes to get out of Dodge? Fine. Then let us then say that truly serious preppers who take their lives and the lives of their loved ones to a higher calling than money and a pretty location near all the malls and coffee shops have long since moved to a much more semi remote location which took months and even years to research…. way back when. Not now.

    Real preppers who have gone down that road of relocation sacrifice and stocking up look at this kind of road warrior rhetoric as to what we call… victims in waiting try to justify and talk about. They have more faith in trying to travel the dangerous roads and road blocks than having the faith to just move there now while it is still safe to. In other words they want their cake and want to eat it to. One and a half feet in the world and worldly lusts and wants and the other half baked prepping thinking gambled on a road trip dragging along all their supplies with them? Do you really think three years of supplies per person can be hauled along the roadways? Such a large vehicle is a for sure target for the govt on down to the locals sitting up high signaling down the road that another over stuffed turkey is on the way…ripe for the plucking. On the other hand do you think some one cycling into Idaho has anything to offer? I should say not. Nothing…nada nothing.

    I would rather take in a seasoned neighbor to round out the numbers than some city boys from SF.

    If you plan to fight and die to try to get somewhere to survive then it is much wiser to just be living in that area right now and learning first hand what it takes to survive there. The SF bay area people are by no means outfitted and do not have the current up to date skills which would be needed at 3,000 in the Rockies with 10-17 feet of snow. You just can not expect to show up here in Idaho and expect you are something special to us up here.

    I have dealt with many a prepper saying they will move but never do. About 98% of them are talking heads and dreamers who refuse to sacrifice and move. In the end it is also the wife which causes the most often failure to launch and move actions so read that and weep as well.

  • NaySayer

    The roads are crumbling anyway but thinking that you are going to leave san fran with all your gear in a vehicle and get to a safe place is ludicrous.

    If this guy really thinks that the locals say within 300 miles (a tank of gas in a medium to small vehicle) of a very large urban area are going to sit there and allow themselves to be covered over with city refugees like locusts then he is nuts.

    Overpasses and bridges will be blockaded with cars or simply disabled in some way by the locals. You CAN’T get out of a large city in a few hours anyway and if the roads are clogged with refugee cars, many will run out of gas or overheat, then you will be on foot and you won’t be able to carry three years of supplies.

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