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Boehner on Putin’s Op-Ed: ‘I Was Insulted’

by Melanie Hunter, CNSnews:

House Majority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) Thursday said he was “insulted” by Russian President Vladimir Putin’s op-ed in Thursday’s New York Times on the U.S. seeking military intervention in Syria.

“I was insulted,” Boehner said during a Thursday press conference when a reporter asked for his “blunt reaction” to the op-ed, which ran on the 12th anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks.

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8 comments to Boehner on Putin’s Op-Ed: ‘I Was Insulted’

  • Rodster

    I’m insulted you are Speaker of the House and claim to be a conservative. So join the club, John. 😆

  • Your kidding, It is impossible to insult these guys.

  • jerry

    Im Insulted that Boneheads insulted

  • glitter 1

    Hey Boner,you’re insulted.I’m insulted that you and the other phony hacks have relagated my children and grandchildren to Debt Slavery for their entire lives.

  • Jonathan

    Shouldn’t Boner be crying right now. I’m sure he’ll cry himself to sleep tonight. Is this loser the best the Fascists could get to represent them?

  • Hannon

    To me it seemed Putin was very kind in choosing his words compared to how the American people talk about him and the rest of his ilk.

  • Hoser

    Fuck You Boner. How’s that for an insult? Putin made all you Neocon/Nazi’s look like idiots. Which frankly, isn’t all that hard to do…

  • NaySayer

    The worst thing is that it isn’t just the war profiteers neocons who want this war. Obama, Kerry and all their democratic ilk want it too. It seems the totality of the D.C. permanent “political” class want this war.

    And that makes me think that in the end they will do something horrific enough to get it whether we like it or not. Then the only choice we will have is if we will show up. If they pass a draft, don’t show up. Tell your neighbors and their kids not to show up. If they try to start martial law and rationing of food, fuel & meds then support the free market even if they insult it with the name “black” market.

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