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Army of Satan: The Roots of Black Magic In the Pentagon and Military — Douglas Dietrich

[Ed. Note: If you are unfamiliar with spiritual warfare, or U.S. Army Lt. Col. Michael Aquino, the founder of the Temple of Set and member of the church of satan, you may want to do some reading before commenting.]

from The Lip TV:

The Hellfire club and the roots of Satanism in the military are looked at extensively with Douglas Dietrich.

From the motivations of the military for using the “super-science” of black magic, to the inception of dark arts in modern society in the military struggles of empires, Dietrich expounds on the strange fascination power has with witchcraft.

GUEST BIO: For eight years, Douglas Dietrich was a Research Librarian for the Department of Defense at El Presidio Real de San Francisco Military Base. There, along with his primary duty of document destruction, he alleges he was assigned to locate and access incredibly rare occult grimoires for the officially recognized Satanic Chaplain of the United States Army, Lieutenant Colonel Michael A. Aquino. Dietrich is a writer, speaker and activist.

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3 comments to Army of Satan: The Roots of Black Magic In the Pentagon and Military — Douglas Dietrich

  • Sayldog

    While researching Aquino, you may also want to research Jack Parsons, one of the principal founders of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and the Aerojet Corp, also a prominent Satanist in the employ of the US Government, friend of Aleister Crowley and L.Ron Hubbard (yeah, the Scientology dude was a Satanist too).

  • NaySayer

    We are supposed to have religious freedom in america so why are you picking on these people? Would you go after jews like this?

    As a Libertarian I cannot stand by while people (ANY PEOPLE) get their religion attacked.

  • Dietrich’s claims concerning working with or for me in any capacity, inside or outside the Army, are a complete lie. If he wishes to claim that he was associated with the Defense Department in any capacity at any time, it’s a simple matter for him to publish scans of his orders and security clearances. The authenticity of such orders could be easily checked, and of course forgery of such documents would have serious consequences for him.

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