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Another Nineteen – Kevin Ryan on the Legitimate 9/11 Suspects

from GlobalResearchTV:

On the 12th anniversary of 9/11, the 9/11 truth movement seems as far away as ever from bringing any of the actual perpetrators of those attacks to justice. Now, investigators like Kevin Ryan are beginning to piece together the story and identify the prime suspects in any real criminal investigation of September 11th.

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4 comments to Another Nineteen – Kevin Ryan on the Legitimate 9/11 Suspects

  • Joe

    I got through about 5 minutes of this BS and I will tell you right now, Israel – IsraHELL ( using their Mossad intelligence org), was the key organizer for the 9/11 event!!! In other words, Jewish ZIONISTS!!! Subordinates like Cheney, Rumsfeld played key roles in the event but are NOT the top of the food chain!

    The so called NeoCon group consisting primarily of dual citizens of both Israel and US who also happen to have compromised a large part of Bush jr’s administration were the central figures in organizing, carrying out and following through with plans after the event!

    These Jewish Zionist always try to insure themselves a barrier of insulation between what they carry out and who eventually takes the falls. Why do you think immediately after 9/11 the slogan ” 9/11 Was an Inside Job” was spread through the interent. The Zionists were already creating a diversion for people to follow leading the hounds away from the source…the Zionists!

    • Jonathan

      first of all Joe Zionists are not just Jews from Israel. Many Israeli’s were involved in 9/11 but so were many Christians and non-religious affiliated people to make this about us versus the Jews is like playing into the fake left/right paradigm. Wake up to reality. None of the most powerful people in America that run things from behind the scenes are servants of Israel. They have enough power that they don’t have to serve anyone. Stop playing into religion versus religion, black versus white or left versus right.

      • Joe

        Listen son, I am VERY well aware of what a ZIONISTS and a Jewish Zionist is. Waste your limited info on a fellow clueless remote switcher like yourself!

  • andrew james

    I think a few trillionaires did 9/11.

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