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America’s Fall: The Modern-Day Roman Empire

“What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.” (Ecclesiastes 1:9)

by Matt Barber,

The Apostle Paul likely wrote his letter to the Romans about 25 years after Christ’s death and resurrection (sometime between A.D. 55-57). Throughout the book of Romans, Paul warned of God’s unfolding wrath against the Roman Empire – indeed, all of humanity – for mankind’s embrace and practice of pagan morality.

Approach Paul’s words with a modicum of objectivity and the reader is left with this dreadful realization: The words of Christ’s hand-picked messenger likewise paint an eerily accurate portrait of America, A.D. 2013. The negligible difference is that ancient pagan morality has been sanitized with a new euphemism: postmodern “progressivism.”

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5 comments to America’s Fall: The Modern-Day Roman Empire

  • rich

    Bill Black: The New York Times is Wowed that Obama’s Six Rubinites Support Larry Summers

    By Bill Black, the author of The Best Way to Rob a Bank is to Own One and an associate professor of economics and law at the University of Missouri-Kansas City. Cross posed from New Economic Perspectives

    The Obama administration, for reasons that pass all understanding, has been running a campaign of leaks disparaging one of Obama’s few senior female appointees, Janet Yellen. Her high crimes include not being a protégée Bob Rubin and doing exceptionally well in economic forecasting. Rubin wants the job of Fed Chair to go to his top protégée, Larry Summers. Yellen, as Vice Chair of the Fed stands in the way of Rubin’s ambitions. (Rubin is too toxic to take the Chair directly.) The administration has been leaking primarily to the New York Times’ Binyamin Applebaum. His latest article contains this remarkable statement, without analysis.

    “[T]he president’s top economic advisers uniformly support the selection of Mr. Summers. They regard him as a creative thinker and an experienced crisis manager, qualities they value in particular because they expect the Fed may confront difficult choices as it begins to retreat from its six-year-old stimulus campaign.”

    The obvious question, except to the NYT, is who the “president’s top economic advisers” are who “uniformly support the selection of Mr. Summers”? There are six such advisers:

    1. Gene Sperling (Director, National Economic Counsel)
    2. Jason Furman (Chairman, CEA)
    3. James Stock (Member, CEA)
    4. Jacob Lew (Treasury)
    5. Penny Pritzker (Commerce)
    6. Sylvia Mathews Burwell (OMB)

    Each of Obama’s top economic advisers is a Rubinite. Sperling is one of Rubin and Summers’ closest allies. Furman’s prior job was running the Hamilton Project – created by Rubin to propagate his ideas. Stock is a Rubinite, a colleague of Summers, and the co-author of the article that infamously coined the term “The Great Moderation” (Ben Bernanke popularized, but did not invent, their phrase.) Some “moderation” – to state the case gently he missed the most important economic developments in modern history. Jacob Lew and Furman share the characteristic of being Rubinites and leading architects and proponents of the “Grand Betrayal” (the effort to inflict austerity and cuts in the safety net). Pritzker is a national disgrace. She connected then Senator Obama with Rubin. Her appointment prompted extremely pointed criticisms.

  • WAKE UP!

    A truly disgusting article once again. Is it really america’s fault that many have fallen into the clutches of the elite through mind control? You know how much power they have? Apparently not! I thought the people that run this site would know, but apparently they are only awake to financial manipulation and unconstitutional war conflicts. You take your bible phrases and stories WAY to literal and it makes you look like complete idiots. You religious people are so judgemental in so many ways and you apparently don’t realize it, and how contradictory you are with the whole lot. Please take the time to learn it the real way instead of standing there with all your hateful protest signs against supposed sinners who you would most likely send to a false war to protect your asses anyway. SGT, please stop posting oppressive hateful views such as this. It seriously discredits EVERYTHING you do.

    • Glitter 1

      Another scoffer,confirming the reality of prophecy.

      • WAKE UP!

        I suppose you know it to be a true prophecy, right? All this madness is created by god, or the elite, for the sake of prophecy fearmongering and religious superiority? All the while promoting your strong religious agenda of separatism, keeping everyone divided and fearful when we need to all be together as one and walk away from the draconian establishment to make it crumble without fear, so we can enjoy real freedom from debt slavery, a police state, and propaganda as a start. God is love, not fear. The only scoffing going on here is your severely narrow minded one liner that barely gauges the credibility of your religion and prophecy. Please read up on other religions that have the same stories such as yours. It all comes from the same place and points in the same direction, but I suppose you don’t realize that or put your studies further due to living in a box of fear, like all the other sheeple. When it all comes down to it, and it starts getting even worse to the point of complete control and annihilation by the psycho control freaks at the top, your going to need all the so called “sinners” of the world to help, which according to you is a large percentage of the planet. So I wouldn’t be scoffing and judging at other innocent non-religious/spiritual good people telling them that their beliefs are wrong just because you believe in the greatest story ever SOLD.

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