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American Dependency: A Frightening, Eye Opening Micro-Doc About Wealth Redistribution Via ‘Food Stamps’

from Future Money Trends:

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10 comments to American Dependency: A Frightening, Eye Opening Micro-Doc About Wealth Redistribution Via ‘Food Stamps’

  • PTS

    For curiosity’s sake, I went to my state’s website and crunched the numbers to see what I could get for me and my family based on income, family size, and expenses. I found out that I’d be eligible for about $350 a month for govt help in food.

    Such a TINY AMOUNT that Americans are willing to sell their soul and their country and their blood-bought rights for?

    • SGT

      Many people in this society have lost all sense of honor, truth and justice. It’s been a slippery slope from the 60’s until now, but we fell off the cliff in the 90’s… and plummeted into the abyss after 9/11 when the majority of Americans endorsed unconstitutional war, torture and literal rape of nations most can’t find on a map.

      The chicken has come home to roost, so to speak. But then again, if we look at Ron Paul’s run (how the Presidency was literally stolen from him) – the man with the REAL support of the people, we see the insurgency against the criminal establishment, rising.

    • Jonny English

      Its all about control, always has been.

      This ‘welfare’ issue is a slow-burn problem throughout the West, however it is just one of the most obvious of many related issues.

      As a population, the people of the US, UK, and western Europe are already dependent for the most part upon the State for thier survival – think fresh water supplies, electricity, infrastructure for the transportation of food, state manged money, etc, etc.

      Now think about the society Aldus Huxley warned us about – and then think particularly about those people we see and know who want to enjoy an easy ‘civilised’ life, and have as much material wealth and lesuire time as possible.

      Those people will give up everything to the State – Mind, Body, and Soul – literally and metaphorically in order to contine that lifestyle when we are eventually presented with the planned collapse.

      We will be given a choice – live like a refugee from the movie ‘The Road’, or join the New World Order and be given food, shelter, clothing, and even some ‘currency’ to spend on whatever you like.

      Millions will line up to join the NWO system.

      In the society Huxley warned us about, those few people who managed to avoid the NWO and thier children who were born free (as opposed to the majority who will be ‘created’ in a planned Gataca/Brave New World/Transhumanist society), will be completely excluded from all state systems and benefits. They will not be able to even to buy or sell – noting at all, not even a scrap of bread – within the state system.

      Eventually they will all be removed from lands surrounding the ‘Agenda 21’ style cities and sent out to be penned inside ‘reservations’ which would make Gaza look inviting (if the state does not simply ‘dispose’ of them).

      After the planned collapse – when faced with a choice between ‘the Road’ or embracing the NWO and recieving government assistance – many, many people will choose government assistance – and gladly take a biometric tatoo or an rfid implant in return for ‘free stuff’.

      Those who may initially hold out, and who with a full stomach and a roof over thier heads say they would never take a mark of the state – will reconsider and be tempted when they begin to starve – or thier children statve – out on the street.

      You see the level of control the state would have after the collapse?

      That is the idea – total dependance on the state equals total control by the state.

      What we are seeing now is just the beginning – just the conditioning stage. Think about it.

  • andrew james

    Let them eat oatmeal.

  • William1

    You have to hand it to these EBT zombies – they know.the ins and outs of public welfare like the backs of their hands, And the dems are smart – they have expanded this locked in this locked-in democrat voting bloc. Which of these zombies would ever vote for a back-to-the-constitution candidate? EBT is a naked vote-buying scheme by the statist elite.

    The. 1930s had it right: if you need assistance, go stand in a church soup line, in full view of others. Now you sell your assistance at a 40% discount on the street for cash, so you can buy your booze, smokes, and drugs.

    Its going to be ugly when this f*****-up system collapses.

  • Tim

    What would happen if these handouts were to suddenly stop?

  • rich

    Robert Prasch: The “Lessons” that Wall Street, Treasury, and the White House Need You to Believe About the Lehman Collapse

    By Robert E. Prasch, Department of Economics, Middlebury College. Cross posted from New Economic Perspectives

    Five long years have passed since the demise of the once venerable firm of Lehman Brothers. To mark the occasion, Wall Street, the United States Treasury Department, the White House, and their several political proxies and spokespersons have taken to the mass media to instruct the public in the “lessons” to be drawn from the financial crisis of 2007-09. Regrettably, we are witnessing the propagation of several self-serving falsehoods in the hope that the public can be induced to embrace them now that the immediacy of the events in question is in the past. Some of the lessons are so flagrantly false that they demand immediate correction.

    No One Saw It Coming

    Of all the falsehoods being circulated, this one is in many ways the most egregious and damaging. It systemically denies the attribution of credit and thereby voice (and political power) to those who in fact did see “it” coming even as it provides blanket exoneration to those whose ignorance–or more likely–cowardice combined with self-interest prevented them from perceiving what was happening in the financial sector. Those making this latter claim can, more correctly, observe that, “no one in our close-knit circle of elites saw it coming.” Stated in this form, the statement is suggestive. Why, we might ask, was their circle exclusively made up of individuals who did not, would not, or could not, see the crisis coming? Why is it, in a nation with the diversity and talent of the United States, that all of the senior managers of our largest financial firms, and those charged with regulating them, were exclusively made up of individuals sharing the same perspective – a perspective that, I might add, was and remains so singularly and disastrously dysfunctional for the economy upon which the rest of us depend?
    These are compelling questions because, as a matter of fact, many highly-informed people “did see it coming.”

  • SRV

    Shameful, hate filled, corporate backed propaganda… but apparently the gifting $85B a month to the TBTF banks for casino gambling and propping up equities to benefit the rich is just fine.

    Those lining up behind this kind of amoral, divide and conquer meme are simply useful idiots… being used by the corporations to further their agenda of stealing whatever is not nailed down.

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