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Right On Cue: Alleged Domestic Terror Plot Uncovered In Utah

Court documents received by ABC 4 News Monday detailed an alleged domestic “terrorist plot” that included attacks on several locations around Salt Lake City, Utah.

by Mikael Thalen, Story Leak:

According to the documents, 42-year-old Jack Harry Stiles, who revealed his plans to a crisis counselor during a stay at the Pioneer Valley Hospital, planned to carry out three separate attacks on September 25, the anniversary of his mother’s death. According to family members, Stiles has a history of making threats and mental illness.

Stiles, who did not own any firearms, planned to obtain two pistols with “silencers” and five extra magazines. Stiles then planned to carry out a mass shooting at the City Creek Center Mall, a location that Stiles had surveyed for some time. According to the counselor, Stiles claimed he would “kill as many people as possible” but noted that he would not “intentionally shoot and kill children.” Stiles also revealed that he would give up if confronted by police but planned to get rid of as much ammunition as possible.

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