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A2A with Andy Hoffman of Miles Franklin

by Andy Hoffman,

Andy Hoffman joins Turd Ferguson from TF Metals Reports to discuss the Fed, Precious Metals, Inflation, and the economy.

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3 comments to A2A with Andy Hoffman of Miles Franklin

  • 8Ball

    Not to worry, the “elite insiders” have told Lindsey Williams when the plug is going to be pulled… 1-1-2014. Sounds like J. Sinclair’s prediction back in Feb-Mar that “gold will never close below $1600 again”. Take it all with a grain of salt because these posers do not know any more than you do.

  • harman kardon

    Well, it’s good thing that you are here to enlighten us all with your 8ball. I was getting worried that people with multiple decades of knowledge and experience might be crack-pots. Thanks for shedding light and spreading your words of wisdom.

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