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AIPAC — The Parasite Draining Its American Host


Few Americans have any idea how they’re being played and by whom. Besides its corporate and bankster ownership, Zionism has taken control of its political system. All this while sleeping Americans think they live in a democracy. Surreal.

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2 comments to AIPAC — The Parasite Draining Its American Host

  • Hman

    This is the most accurate title describing AIPAC. But I would describe the Zionist parasite more like a bad case of rabies that spread to infect the financial, political, social, and media nerves centers and will eventually kill the host.

    As an example, we have all seen what it did to Dr. Ron Paul.

  • NaySayer

    I have no doubt at all that the powerful isreali lobby has a lot to do with american political decisions. Too many people have claimed to be targeted by them when they don’t go along with whatever is best for isreal, however, I think they are only one of several powerful groups really running things. Although I do think some of these groups have people in more than one camp.

    Isreali lobby
    Big Oil/Timber
    Big medical/pharma
    Military Industrial Complex
    NSA & other u.s. “agencies” like the cia
    International secret societies like the Bilderber, CFR, etc.
    Big AGriculture

    And maybe a few more I never even heard of.

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