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1934-2013 / Insane Price Inflation Comparison of Food & Silver

from FinancialFreedomSilver:

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3 comments to 1934-2013 / Insane Price Inflation Comparison of Food & Silver

  • Fred Hayek

    In Fenway Park in Boston, there’s a ramp leading up to the back of grandstand sections 26 and 27 from the lower concourse area under the stands. Half way up that ramp there’s a series of copies of front pages of newspapers from 1912, 1915, 1916 and 1918, all years when the Red Sox won the world series. There’s a sign on the brick wall reading something like “The First Red Sox Dynasty”. They were the most successful team back then.

    Anyway, the most interesting thing on these copied newspaper pages, much more so than the our boys win stories, are the ads. You see ads for full meals in good restaurants for 25 cents. You actually see price inflation just from the 1912 newspaper to the 1918 newspaper. But the change in prices from then to now shows how the Federal Reserve couldn’t give a 5hit less about price stability.

  • Praxis

    Nowadays in my area (close to, but not the most expensive part of Connecticut.) for a really quality deli sandwich, nothing else, which is made of real food freshly cooked and locally sourced is around 10 bucks. Of course it will feed you for two meals.

    5 to 7 bucks for a sufficient and quality meal someone else made vs a quarter dollar. And in the teens your food was fresh, there was no option. The ice trade was it for preserving food.

  • NaySayer

    6 lbs of Onions for $2? I wish. You have to pay about $4 for 3 lbs of onions where i live. Onions have really skyrocketed in price.

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