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World’s Apart

by Andy Hoffman,

Having just returned from China, I was amazed at the stark differences in culture between East and West.  Not that I hadn’t heard of such – or frankly, known that Easterners mindset was in many ways the polar opposite of what I have witnessed in my four-plus decades.  However, as they say, “seeing is believing”; as discussed in “THE IRREFUTABLE PHYSICAL GOLD REALITY – LIVE FROM CHINA!

Of course, I’m not just speaking of how the Chinese, Indians, and others view the difference between PAPER currency and REAL money; but instead, the long-term nature of the business cycle (as viewed by the East), and the short-term profit motive of the West – consequences (and peons) be darned.  In China, an irrepressible work ethic puts America’s to shame; at least, today’s America, in which citizens have developed an unwarranted sense of entitlement following decades of the misleading, debt-generating impact of temporarily holding the world’s “reserve currency.”

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