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Why Syria? Why Now?

by Bill Holter, Miles Franklin:

As you probably know, a chemical weapons attack occurred within Syria last week. Who did it? Why? What does it mean for the Assad regime? How involved will the U.S. become and will Russia step in? All good questions and ones, that we will probably get many answers to over the next week or maybe even less. From the reports that I’ve read, it looks like the decision to go forward with this war has already been made.

I usually try to break things down to their most basic pieces and then look at it from a distance to get the big picture. What I see here boils down to one thing, “the Petro dollar.” Actually this is two separate things. First and I do not believe foremost is that the West would like a gas pipeline to go through Syria. Syria does not want it nor does Russia as this gas from Qatar will compete with Russian gas supplies. Secondly, our economy is collapsing and the Federal Reserve needs to create more debt to reflate again. War has always been used as a tool to restart economies and I am sure that this is exactly the current thinking.

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