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Why Have Police In America Turned Into Such Ruthless Thugs?

from End of the American Dream:

Once upon a time, the police were one of the most respected institutions in America, but now most Americans fear them.  Almost every single day there are multiple stories of police brutality or misconduct that make the national news.  Just this week, there have been stories about police killing a baby deer at an animal shelter, about police killing a 95-year-old World War II veteran in a retirement home, and about police using legal technicalities to “legally” steal massive amounts of money from innocent citizens.  Why are police acting like this?  Why have police in America turned into such ruthless thugs?  In the case of the baby deer that was killed, 13 armed agents stormed the animal shelter up in Wisconsin where it was being cared for.  Is this really the kind of country that we want our children to grow up in?  A country where Bambi is hunted down by armed thugs working for the government?  Sadly, the story about that deer is not an isolated incident.  The truth is that police all over the country kill animals every single day.  In fact, police in Chicago have shot 488 animals since 2008.  No wonder people are so afraid to have the police come to their homes.

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2 comments to Why Have Police In America Turned Into Such Ruthless Thugs?

  • Eric

    All fear comes from worry of loss. Losing your life, your possessions, your loved ones, your mind. All of us have bodies that will die some day but the soul will never die. If you prepare yourself spiritually, mentally and physically, the fear will go away. Stick to your guns and your principles. Ruthless thugs have no right to impose their force upon you and no right to kick in your door without a warrant signed by a judge with probable cause. Many Americans will only take so much. The shot heard round the world is coming. If they force themselves into my property, I’ll be firing that shot. I just hope it is heard. I know I wont survive it but i would rather die on my feet than live on my knees. I just hope these mind controlled nazi supporters who serve evil figure out what they signed up for.

  • Hannon

    The jokes on them, they get all the same jacked food, water, vaccines and meds as everybody else but these guys are crammed into an EMF kill zone all day. They have cell phones, hand held and vehicle radios, radar guns and radio pc modems frying their butts all day. This generation of police will never become old men, their all going to have their nuts rot off with cancer.

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