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Why Americans Are Protesting War on Syria

from wearechange:

Luke Rudkowski documents an anti war protest on August 29th 2013. He asks the protesters why they are protesting, what people should know and what they hope to happen.

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2 comments to Why Americans Are Protesting War on Syria

  • John

    I am stunned that the people have finally awakened to the lies and deception. Americans seem to be getting up to speed rather quickly on the corruption and gangsta politics in this country. They have caught on to the corporate media as well and all those networks and media personalities who have shoved propaganda down their throats. You can throw Rush Limbaugh on the shill pile as well….that well paid illusionist who boxes listeners in to an idiotic Democrat/Republican struggle. Americans are beginning to see the bigger picture and they don’t like what they see.

    Let’s make this video go viral.

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