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What’s in a Bubble?

by Andy Hoffman,

In a world awash with ignorance, aided by history’s most comprehensive, worldwide PROPAGANDA campaign – aimed at convincing the masses of a mythical economic recovery – few concepts are as badly misreported as “inflation.”  By definition, it represents the change in the money supply – of which consumer prices changes are but a symptom, and NOT the cause.

In the “stratosphere of stupidity,” the mischaracterization of inflation is paralleled only by that of “bubble.”  To that end, no word portrays greater FEAR in market participants; as EVERY one that has been inflated has ended in chaos.  Historically, more than 90% of “bubble participants” ultimately lose money, with the great majority losing more than 50%.  Sadly, human nature guides all but the most seasoned investors to “buy high” and “sell low”; and in most cases, to buy at the high, and sell at the low.

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