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What We’re Fighting For? ISAF Commander Re-Explains What ‘Winning’ Means in Afghanistan

by Susan Jones, CNSnews:

Twelve years after the war began, General Joseph Dunford, the commander of the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF), says the American people “need to know exactly what we’re trying to do” in Afghanistan.

In a recent speech in Washington, Dunford outlined “what winning looks like” for the international coalition that has been fighting the war for almost 12 years – at a cost of 2,124 American lives.

He indicated that winning the war is no longer about defeating al Qaeda.

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4 comments to What We’re Fighting For? ISAF Commander Re-Explains What ‘Winning’ Means in Afghanistan

  • Sergio of the Jungle

    Winning a fight is no longer about defeating your opponent. It’s not an equitable outcome if someone has to lose. Terribly unPC in this day and age. The armed services shouldn’t need all that money for weapons if we’re going to be all warm and fuzzy about war. Perhaps we can send the women’s baking auxiliary to foreign lands so as to promote demockracy.


    a lot of “great” armies have been destroyed in Afghanistan, Alexander the Great, the russian army …, american armed forces won’t be any different. the irony is of course that america will be destroyed by the ennemy they helped to create in the first place

  • NaySayer

    By the way, my 1st comment has somehow disappeared. If the editors are going to remove comments then have the decency to show one was there but it was removed by the editors of the site.

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