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What Happens When You Protest Obama

from ThinkOutsideTheTV:

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2 comments to What Happens When You Protest Obama

  • rich

    Rahm put indicted Ohio money laundry man on city’s pension boards.

    The Laundry Man and The Mayor.

    If you live in Chicago and don’t know the name Amer Ahmad, start paying attention.

    He was Rahm Emanuel’s comptroller. He resigned a month ago to “return to the private sector.” He was indicted last week by a federal grand jury in Ohio for bribery, fraud and money laundering while serving as Ohio’s deputy treasurer.

    In the day’s since his resignation there has been a lot of finger pointing, ass covering and political intrigue.

    Some independent alderman like Fioretti and Waguespack have wanted a more open, transparent investigation of what Ahmad did here. They want the city’s inspector general Joe Ferguson to be allowed to do his job.

    That’s not what Rahm wants.

    And you have to wonder why not?

    When did Rahm know about the federal investigation of Ahmad in Ohio.

    Does Rahm know that there is a federal investigation of Ahmad and Rahm for similar activities in Chicago?

    Wouldn’t his old pal, AG Eric Holder tell him if there was.

    Of course, he and Holder never got along that well anyway.

    This is what hasn’t been mentioned much:

    Amer Ahmad wasn’t just the city’s comptroller.

    He sat on the most the city’s pension boards (not including the Chicago Teachers Pension System).

  • Hoser

    Fuck Obama! Fuck Rahm! Fuck Holder! See where I’m going with this….

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