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Was NADAQ hit by a Cyber Attack? $5.7 trillion locked up as Trading Halts for over 3 Hours

from Off Grid Survival:

So far this week, it looks like Hackers were able to take down the entire Google and Amazon Networks, and now it looks like they may have penetrated our Stock Markets.

Late Thursday afternoon, trading on the Nasdaq mysteriously came to a screeching halt. For more than 3 hours the Stock Market was down, locking up over $5.7 trillion. The unexplained halt in trading, to which we still have not received an explanation to what really happened, halted trading for the tech industry’s biggest names, including Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Cisco Systems . The five companies have a combined market cap of more than $1 trillion.

After seeing what USA Today is describing as a possible Hacker Attack, and watching the major attacks earlier this week, I believe it is more important than ever to make sure you’re prepared for what may be coming.

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2 comments to Was NADAQ hit by a Cyber Attack? $5.7 trillion locked up as Trading Halts for over 3 Hours

  • theoptimist75

    If anybody is hacking the system its the TPTB themselves. They will just blame it on Syria or Iran. its obvious they want a war very soon with that false flag chemical weapons attack…….the first thing I thought of when the market halted was the TPTB were reversing the ALGOs that control the market. they are set to stop any downward movement. maybe they needed to switch them and couldn’t do it live without being noticed. just a guess, nothing more……..but seriously, down 3 hours without a word as to why……PAAAA……LEASE!!!! they know why.

    • Eat at Joe's

      thought I read on ZH that their theory is that Goldman had a large AAPL sell which could not get a bid. So like you say they use Iran as an excuse, when it was probably them & their cronies who “turned off the lights for a while” til things could be worked out.
      Nice 2fer.

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