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from revmichellehopkins:

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  • NaySayer

    If you live in fema region 3 or near it I would keep any school aged children out of public schools starting near the end of september.

    Those 3 day kits for each child might be just enough to get them rounded up and bussed to a fema camp. If you want people in a fema camp then kidnapping their children and telling the parents/relatives to come get them (then locking them up too) is a darn effective way to do it.

    October looks bad people. I’ve often said that if they couldn’t get the guns then they will make sure the patriots are too sick to use them by infecting the population.

  • Waldog

    So the rest of the country starves?

  • Randa

    Most likely all of the FEMA regions are ordering this stuff, it’s just these orders that slipped through on the official website. Do not consider yourself in a “safe” zone just because you aren’t in FEMA 3.

    It’s the sun. I think they’re going to blast some sort of EMP type weapon (they cannot help their bloodlust and right now they’re chomping at the bit) which may interact with all the activity the sun is spewing out (watch the red sunrise) and the crap that Fukushima is continually spewing………

    What a mess. I don’t think there is any “preparation” for what is coming except to seek silence with the One True God.

  • GoodOleBoy

    This is suspicious but naming dates is always makes me wary. I have been hearing October over and over again, which leads me to believe it is some sort of misdirection. What I need to see is when the orders for the MREs were placed. Having a large contract filled in a month is rare and nearly impossible. What is scary is the recent drills that simulated a city hit by a nuke along with the white papers put out by the State Dept. advocating for the use of low yield nukes in our foreign policy. Right now TPTB are on the defensive with most Americans growing suspicious of the government and large corporations. The need something to rally the people around the government and an attack would do just that.

    On the other side, it could be a good thing. I know that there are those high up in the military that have been fighting for our country and keeping WW3 from starting. Evidence of this the outrage of John McCain and his ilk over the military standing in the way of the use of military force in the Middle East. Even with the administration canceling its talks with Russia, the military leaders still met with their Russian counterparts. All that to say it is not just “us” vs “them”, there are good people who are fighting for Americans within the power structure, you just don’t see it without looking really hard.

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