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Why Did Rep. Schakowsky Vote to Allow NSA Spying to CONTINUE?

from wearechange:

Sierra Adamson interviews Rep. Jan Schakowsky about her recent vote against Justin Amash’s amendment that would limit the power of the NSA. Schakowsky claims to be against the NSA spying program but says that there needs to be more talks about it in congress before she votes against it. Schakowsky also talks about her views on the persecution of Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden.

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3 comments to Why Did Rep. Schakowsky Vote to Allow NSA Spying to CONTINUE?

  • brian

    Another IDIOT not qualified to hold the office she does. TERM LIMITS PLEASE.

  • andrew james

    You wouldn’t believe how many of our fellow Americans I’ve encountered that have said the same thing to me. That is “I don’t have anything to hide” and that is beside the point people. I’m stunned each time I hear someone mouth those ignorant words. I’m sorry but I can’t find anything better to say about it. It gets worse. I got a report from one of the homeless that he has seen single engine planes and helicopters spraying the city with something here in Portland. When he tried to get others to look at it they ignored him. About half of the people that we think are stupid are just pretending to be stupid and ignorant. They don’t have much ambition. I can tell you that.

  • Joe

    Haha, of course every one of these treasonous scumbags will go on for hours defending their unconstitutional acts but in the majority of the cases, it’s a simple matter of following the money OR following the dirt that the cabal have on these dirtbags!

    In the case of Rep. Schakowsky, Sibel Edmonds reported back in 2009, that Schakowsky was blackmailed after being drawn into a lesbian affair by a Turkish agent.

    Sibel Edmonds: Rep. Jan Schakowsky lured into lesbian affair by Turkish agents

    When Schakowsky was confronted on the allegations, she of course denied it.

    Sibel Edmonds has a great deal of credibility. She is also the gal who exposed many of the lies of 9/11 , in her position as a FBI Middle East language specialist, interpretor and translator.

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