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This failure rate will shock you

from Sovereign Man:

On August 19th, 43 BC, 2056 years ago to the day, a twenty year old soldier born Gaius Octavius Thurinus assumed control of the most powerful civilization on the planet.

Standing in front of his Army that he had just marched into Rome, Gaius forced the Senate to ‘elect’ him to the highest political office in the land at the time.

And once in power, he never let go.

From August 19, 43 BC until his death (which coincidentally was also on August 19th) in 14 AD, Gaius deftly increased his authority until he wielded total control over Rome.

Of course, Gaius ultimately became known as Augustus, the first emperor of the Roman Empire. So one could argue this was the day the Republic ‘officially’ died and was replaced with a succession of incompetent megalomaniacs.

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