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The US-Syrian Quandary: A Case of Déjà-Vu

by Marin Katusa, Casey Research:

Here’s how to write an award-winning movie: pick a random Middle Eastern country with oil… insert conflict that can threaten the oil supply… enter the United States with guns blazing and people dying.

Sounds pretty unoriginal, but it’s the plot of the 2005 movie Syriana, which won an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay (go figure). But what’s even more frightening than the limited imagination of Hollywood’s Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is that the US government has followed this plot line to a T so many times.

And it’s not any different this time around. The United States will invade Syria or even Iran, secure the oil supply, and occupy the country for decades to come. Politicians will become richer, innocent people will die, and thinking Americans will have yet another reason to doubt their government.

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1 comment to The US-Syrian Quandary: A Case of Déjà-Vu

  • Dylan

    Sure Hollywood aims to brainwash us! It seems to be working as perpetual wars for perpetual peace continue unabated. Has the uSA overhtrown over 55 countries so far? Huuummmmmm….

    Bloomberg TV is an evil, warmongering psy-ops. The people running this TV station, who are they, what are their special interests in wars in the middle east?

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