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The Rich and Distribution

by James E. Miller, Mises:

Politics is a mind-numbing sport for any sane person to keep up with. There is always some slip-of-the-tongue the press hounds are barking over instead of focusing on the efficacy of actual policy. Journalists would rather waste ample lines of copy on appearance, hair-style, tone of voice, and the cheekbones of public officials. The cabal of special interests who line the state’s pockets remain in the shadows – a privilege they pay for and receive in spades.

When a “rising star” enters the political scene, I discount it as just another lost soul. Aspiration to public office is demonstrative enough of a lack of personal integrity. That a man would not only seek a career as an overpaid cocktail schmoozer but actually frolic in the celebrity of the whole affair, it should very well be cause for unrelenting ridicule. To the contrary, he exponentially increases his chances of reaching the Oval Office.

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