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The Power Elite Playbook

by Deanna Spingola,

Ever since Lincoln’s “Civil War,” America has been “transformed from a limited, constitutional government to a highly centralized welfare-warfare state.” [1] War is allegedly initiated for “national security” reasons – “newspeak” for resource seizure and/or control by multinational corporations/banks through their financial grip on governments. What! You think the United States would not participate in or condone plunder? The government plunders your pocket for interest payments (income tax) on their loans from the Federal Reserve to finance all war-like activities, whether subversive or public!

False pretenses for war include: civilize the uncivilized, spread democracy, save foreign citizens from their selectively despicable leaders (those resistant to U.S. interests), eradicate slavery, attack them before they attack us (media-induced fear), or fight Nazism, Communism, Fascism, terrorism, ___________ (just fill in the blank).

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1 comment to The Power Elite Playbook

  • NaySayer

    Back in the 1800s the u.s. called it, “The White Man’s Burden”. It was contingent on the white males of the u.s. to “civilize” the entire north american continent which pretty much meant slaughtering the natives, kill off their food supply for those who wouldn’t comply (buffalo) and give them blankets infected with smallpox for those who somehow managed to still live.

    America never was the land of equality of opportunity for non white males and now that karma is coming home to roost.

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