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The One Bank’s India gold-gambit

by Jeff Nielson, Bullion Bulls Canada:

The One Bank wanted to destroy the precious metals sector, because (simultaneously) it had launched unlimited/infinite money-printing in the U.S. and Europe, and with its new “bail-ins” it proved to people all across the West that no paper assets are safe. Under those circumstances it was imperative to make precious metals as unappealing as possible to Western Sheep.

However, in taking down the bullion markets, it then ignited massive Asian demand (the Law of Unintended Consequences). So like the “little old lady” in the nursery rhyme who “swallows the spider to catch the fly”; after attacking bullion markets, it became necessary to attack the bullion demand — that it had created itself.

This Asian demand (as we all know) comes primarily from China and India. But the One Bank can’t attack China’s economy (to get at China’s demand) — so it attacked Indian demand twice as viciously instead. How did it do this? The usual: lying, cheating, and stealing.

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