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The End Is Near(er): Being prepared over time

by Pining 4 The Fjords, TF Metals Report:

With the drums of war in Syria beating loudly this morning, talk of preparedness is breaking out all over cyberspace. In the last 24 hours I have seen discussions of issues of food storage, gasoline shortages, and “stockpiling lead” in at least three different comments sections that I glance at around the net. Strikingly, two of these comments sections were in more political “news” aggregating sites where talk of things like this is rarely mentioned. So I thought it might be appropriate to discuss preparedness a bit, because at times like these it seems to be very much on people’s minds.

Cyberspace can be a very contentious place, where a wide diversity of opinion usually results in strident disagreement at best, and often outright all-caps shouting and personal attacks at worst. We are very fortunate that the types of people attracted to TFMR, and the tone set here by Turd himself, have greatly diminished that type of thing in this little corner of the world.


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