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Thank You, Russia?

by Jeffrey Tucker, Laissez Faire Books:

Lon Snowden, father of whistle-blower Edward Snowden, gave an interview to the media this week. The venue: Rossiya 24, a state-owned station. His message was one of gratitude to Russia for considering his son’s request for asylum. Edward, as everyone knows, is on the run for having revealed to the American people that their government is logging every communication and storing it for later use.

In other words, Edward is in big trouble for revealing that our government is doing to its own citizens what the U.S. once accused Russia of doing to its citizens. In what is really a bizarre turn of events, Russia has become a safe haven for an American whistle-blower. Any friend of freedom has to join Lon Snowden in expressing gratitude. Because as it turns out, there are only a handful of countries in the world that the U.S. government can’t intimidate into compliance.

I’m as glad as the next guy that “we” won the Cold War. But sometimes you just have to wonder: What was the point of those 45 years of nuclear stalemate? All that time, we were told that this was a mighty struggle between individualism and collectivism, between freedom and tyranny, between capitalism and communism.

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1 comment to Thank You, Russia?

  • Ed_B

    “But sometimes you just have to wonder: What was the point of those 45 years of nuclear stalemate?”

    That by making a MASSIVE effort, it remained a stalemate. 😉

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