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TFMR Premium Podcast #6

from TF Metals Report:

Today, Turd discusses the current price drop, negative GOFO and the ongoing physical metal situation.

First, I want to apologize for an error. My old MacBook is such a piece of junk that I finally ordered a new MacBook Air last week. It’s due to be delivered any day. Apparently the current hunk-o-junk has gotten wind of this because it is driving me crazy. It took today’s podcast and cut about the first 2:30 minutes right out of it. You won’t miss much, it was primarily just the introduction…but boy-oh-boy am I ever ticked off right now. If LT#2 didn’t have her heart set upon getting it, I’d take this POS out to the driveway and run over it with my John Deere.

Anyway, I apologize for the “production error”. I won’t let it happen again.

And below if the weekly Dec gold chart I reference in the podcast.


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