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T is For TYRANNY: Texas Police Hit Organic Farm With Massive SWAT Raid

from Huffington Post:

A small organic farm in Arlington, Texas, was the target of a massive police action last week that included aerial surveillance, a SWAT raid and a 10-hour search.

Members of the local police raiding party had a search warrant for marijuana plants, which they failed to find at the Garden of Eden farm. But farm owners and residents who live on the property told a Dallas-Ft. Worth NBC station that the real reason for the law enforcement exercise appears to have been code enforcement. The police seized “17 blackberry bushes, 15 okra plants, 14 tomatillo plants … native grasses and sunflowers,” after holding residents inside at gunpoint for at least a half-hour, property owner Shellie Smith said in a statement. The raid lasted about 10 hours, she said.

Local authorities had cited the Garden of Eden in recent weeks for code violations, including “grass that was too tall, bushes growing too close to the street, a couch and piano in the yard, chopped wood that was not properly stacked, a piece of siding that was missing from the side of the house, and generally unclean premises,” Smith’s statement said.

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3 comments to T is For TYRANNY: Texas Police Hit Organic Farm With Massive SWAT Raid

  • dan

    A Texas swat raid…again somewhere in Texas…what is going on in Texas…when will the People of Texas demand this military tactic CEASE….if Texas does not stand for freedom and liberty and limited government..then this country will perish and become like calf and the North east……Hey Texan’s circle the wagons and get busy…repel the military invasion of your state…..imho

  • Troy

    I bet if it was a GMO farm, they would have left them alone.

  • NaySayer

    A swat raid because the grass was too tall? Seriously?

    These cops are freaking psychos and out of control. Their corporate masters tell them to go and hold peaceful farmers at gunpoint and they mindlessly obey.

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