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Syria crisis: warplanes spotted in Cyprus as tensions rise in Damascus

Signs of advanced readiness at likely hub of air campaign as UN inspection team comes under fire near site of alleged chemical attack

by Martin Chulov in Beirut, Mona Mahmood and Julian Borger, The Guardian:

Warplanes and military transporters have begun arriving at Britain’s Akrotiri airbase on Cyprus, less than 100 miles from the Syrian coast, in a sign of increasing preparations for a military strike against the Assad regime in Syria.

Two commercial pilots who regularly fly from Larnaca on Monday told the Guardian that they had seen C-130 transport planes from their cockpit windows as well as small formations of fighter jets on their radar screens, which they believe had flown from Europe.

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3 comments to Syria crisis: warplanes spotted in Cyprus as tensions rise in Damascus

    • Hannon

      Lol, not even the Rothschilds had enough to bribe Putin and now they are offering him more of what he doesn’t need. My goodness, the NWO has gone from all powerful, to a bunch of desperate losers in short order, Putin is the baddest mother-f*&[email protected] to lead a nation since Andrew Jackson. If you aimed all the guns these losers had at Putin and fired at him all night, the only thing that would happen is somebody would write a rockets red blare type song about it, after he whopped their @sses

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