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Solutions: Billboard Dispenses Public Water Drawn from Air

by George Orwell’s Ghost, TruthStream Media:

Atmospheric water generator could make offgrid systems viable or unlivable places inhabitable.

Scalable atmospheric water generators are a great solutions application for alternative lifestyles. They exist here and now (but could probably be tweaked), and are already on the market for individual families, but are also sold scalable to the industrial or community application. Could this help provide abundance to corners of the world struggling for the basics of survival? What would happen if the needs of the poor were provided, or if private citizens concerned about the quality of municipal water supplies started their own system?

Whatever the motivation or scale of the project, we don’t have to be subjected to a captive market system profiting off of artificial scarcity, mass medication and/or skyrocketing rates – at least an alternative is possible where it might be desirable.

The University of Engineering and Technology (UTEC) in Lima, Peru has partnered with advertising agency MAYO-DRAFT FCB to create an advertising billboard that grabs moisture from the desert air and converts it into filtered drinking water.

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3 comments to Solutions: Billboard Dispenses Public Water Drawn from Air

  • Ed_B

    Wind-traps like they had in the novel / movie, Dune? Sweet.

  • Sergio of the Jungle

    That’s pretty cool but what will I have to advertise in my front yard?

  • marty

    The video never says what technique is used to condense atmospheric water. Most techniques require electricity, or a source of heat. The only way I know to remove water directly from air without either is deposition of fog droplets on surfaces. 98% relative humidity is pretty rare in a desert, even a coastal one, and probably occurs only at night when air temperatures are lower than ocean water temperatures, or in foggy conditions. 9450 liters is about 2500 US gallons. Over 3 months that’s about 28 gallons a day. That is a lot of water to drink, but not much compared to what is used in what Americans consider a normal lifestyle, particularly if you ever water your garden or lawn.

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