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Silver Rebound is Inevitable

Why Silver Will Rebound (Besides the Obvious Bad News…)

by Brittany Stepniak, Outsider Club:

If you’ve been a reader of these pages for a while, you know we haven’t lost confidence in precious metals.

Quite the contrary, in fact.

And for reasons beyond the overwhelming surplus of gloom and doom stories that have been pouring in over the past year. (Granted, the bad news will be a big motivating factor in the coming precious metals upswing…)

You see, there’s another reason, a bigger force, behind our bullish stance on gold and silver…

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1 comment to Silver Rebound is Inevitable

  • andrew james

    Wake me up when registered and eligible Silver together at the comex falls below 50 million ounces. I’m starting to believe 17/oz is on the horizon.

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