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Silver price up 14% in best week for five years and ready for an autumn spike?

by Peter Cooper, Silver Seek:

The most volatile of commodities posted a thumping 14 per cent gain last week, its best week in five years. Is this just a flash in the pan or is silver now set up for an autumnal price spike?

Step back a little and consider the win-win position for precious metals. Silver is just a leveraged play on gold, also up by 4.5 per cent last week.


Basically if the recovery scenario emerges on top this autumn then industrial demand for silver is going to be far more robust than anticipated by the price crash of April. If the US uptick makes it to the eurozone and UK and China stabilizes then silver is overdue for repricing as an industrial metal.

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1 comment to Silver price up 14% in best week for five years and ready for an autumn spike?

  • Ed_B

    Too many people seem wrapped up in the dollar price of silver and gold. They are mission the point about these metals. They are not about price but about the facts that they are money, they are outside the inflation game that fiat imposes on all who use it, and they are insurance policies against those “Oh, S**t!” times when severe monetary crises occur. Does anyone drag out their insurance policies and check their value on a regular basis? No, they do not. That isn’t their purpose. Just buy silver and gold in small increments on a regular basis. Put them in a safe and secure location… maybe even multiple locations… and forget about them. They are our savings and they will protect us from bail ins, crashing economies, devalued currencies, and a number of other quirks created by fiat money schemes. It’s ALL about the ounces, baby! 😀

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