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Silver and Gold – a New Divergence?

Silver demand continues to grow as gold seems to have lost its luster. Read about market machinations and learn the facts.

by Miguel Perez-Santalla, Silver Seek:

Silver has been resilient, though the price of the metal has not. What do I mean by that?

Since the collapse of precious metals prices started in May of this year we’ve seen valuations fall tremendously. Even greater has been the drop of demand for certain metals. Probably the most brutal attack on a metal that we can visualize is that of the gold ETF known as GLD.

The GLD has lost a staggering 31% of its holdings since the peak seen back in December 2012. By July, 29 2013 it had lost 13,638,000 of its 43,453,000 ounces, leaving 29,815,000 ounces of gold held in trust. During the same time period we saw the silver ETF, SLV, lose only about 3% of its holdings from the high of April 2011 when it was holding nearly 11,243 tons of silver in its vaults.

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