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SILENCING TRUTH: Liberty Blitzkrieg’s Michael Krieger

Truth telling investigative blogger Michael Krieger from from Liberty joins us to discuss whistle blowing, illegal spying on Americans, General Keith Alexander begging hackers to jump on the NSA bandwagon, the direct targeting of journalists Glenn Greenwald and Michael Hastings and the continuing efforts to silence truth.

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20 comments to SILENCING TRUTH: Liberty Blitzkrieg’s Michael Krieger

  • John

    I couldn’t trust Cruz.

    Cruz and his wife, Heidi Cruz (née Nelson), have two daughters. Cruz met his wife while working on the George W. Bush presidential campaign of 2000. Cruz’s wife is currently head of the Southwest Region in the Investment Management Division of Goldman, Sachs & Co. and previously worked in the White House for Condoleezza Rice and in New York as an investment banker.

    As for Rand Paul, I can’t fully trust him. The entire system is a farce and needs to come down..

    • harman kardon

      Yet another great interview. Michael Krieger is creating some great works, great conversation between you guys, like you have known each other all your life. Looking forward to the next awesome installment.

      @John, thanks for the heads up regarding Cruz’ wife. Do you have any links to support what you have said? I have been paying attention to Cruz, especially with the work he is doing in regards to shutting down the amnesty bill. So, I’m going to need some help in understanding the picture you are painting.

      • John

        The source was Wikipedia..

        • hatch381

          Do you have a link to that particular Wikipedia page John?

          • John


            here is the link, go to personal life.


            The bottom line here is as individuals, we don’t need anyone to save us, we have to do it ourselves.. Chris Duane is bang on!!!!! I’m doing my best to get out of the system.. The only politician, or rather statesman has been Ron Paul. And he’s telling that we do not need the State to run our lives.. In my books Ron Paul ROCKS!!! A great American!!

      • John


        Also remember that politicians will tell you what ever you want to hear.. The neocon heads are running Ted Cruz and quite possibly Rand Paul, still not certain with Rand though. They will give us the illusion that they are different, but both parties are but one… They will hooray Ted Cruz like they did Barry Satoro.. Same crap, different day.. Why keep a system going, knowing full well, it’s based on lies!! They are robbing us and poisoning us too boot!!

    • prestodo

      So, if the entire system needs to come down John, then what do you propose to replace it with??? Otherwise there will be anarchy which will swiftly be replaced by other plotting forces that will install another oligarchy.

      • Ed_B

        That was my thought too. It would be VERY easy to have some people come in after a collapse that were not only worse than the previous people, but a LOT worse than them.

        My other thought was, “Well, John, who would you like? Jesus? Sorry, there was only one of him and he’s been dead for almost 2,000 years”. lol

        • Tom G.

          Hi Ed- Actually, Jesus isn’t dead anymore. 🙂 That only lasted about 2 1/2 days or so. Yes, I’ll take Him. He’ll be back to set up His kingdom soon enough and mess the banksters up again.

          You’re right though. There was/is only one of Him.

  • Tom G.

    Listened to the entire interview. I appreciate Mike’s articulate, yet down to earth style. Thank you Sean, Rory, and Mike.

  • NaySayer

    If Ted Cruz’s wife’s bio is true then he is a fake planted politician to make it look like you have some kind of hope of a political solution if you stand by the republiDem party.
    People believed that there was hope as long as Ron Paul was around but there was never any chance. They are just trying to make you not opt out of the system. Get all your money (if you have any) out of their system, try not to support large corporations, shop locally, buy from local farmers if you can, grow your own food and try to opt out of the corrupt national U.S. system.

    • prestodo

      I’m surprised NaySayer, you mean to tell me that you didn’t figure Cruz for a shill from the get go?? I had him pegged from day one. Rand Paul is too. And while Ron Paul was the coveted “Statesman”, he only served to legitimize a system that is currently enslaving us. The key is to wipe the slate clean and start the country over. And just like a delicate surgery that must be done for a dying patient, only truly skilled hands can accomplish such a task. My question is where are the intellectuals with the moral integrity required to do so when the time comes? Or will we simply continue the cycle of slavery and slip into further and further burdensome fascist oligarchies?

  • knowtoomuch

    You can come in, Waldo 😉

  • knowtoomuch

    … stelletje ongesgoolden-gn-gnn …

  • knowtoomuch

    You Pinky Boyzz…

  • knowtoomuch

    … so if you don’t wanna be a loser, just BUY fysical silver …

    BTFD ! ! !

    ( ‘Cause there’s NO more ‘room’ for ‘drive by shootings’ … too bad …)

  • Jacobson

    KTM is a disinfo agent .
    So much hate … what a moody worm …

  • Joe

    New Bank Investigations: Real Action, or More of the Same?

    By Matt Taibbi

    “A lot of interesting things happening on the white-collar enforcement front. Evil hedge fund SAC Capital and its villainous ruler Stevie Cohen were run through the gauntlet, Goldman Sachs patsy Fabulous Fab took a beating in civil court (I love the detail that emerged, that Goldman executives now call him “the poor kid”), and now, apparently, a pair of high-profile investigations have been launched against Bank of America and J.P. Morgan Chase for subprime mortgage fraud. The latter investigations seem to be designed to answer criticisms that nobody is going after the real doers of evil systemic crimes.”

    “Just yesterday, for instance, a federal judge in Mississippi handed down a six-month sentence to a man and ordered him to pay $8,282 in restitution for food stamp fraud – one Stanley Jones apparently lied in an application about whether or not anyone in his household had ever been convicted of a felony drug charge when he applied for food stamps.

    Stanley Jones is going to do six months in jail for fraud in a case brought by the same Justice Department now sniffing around Chase and Bank of America. I would be shocked if $8,282 didn’t represent the entire amount of value “taken” via Jones’s fraud. I spent a lot of time with people targeted for welfare fraud for my upcoming book, The Divide, and the state never settles for anything less than every last dollar in these cases. Incidentally, you can find cases like this pretty much every day in every state in the country. Guaranteed, someone somewhere in America right now is drawing jail time for some form of welfare fraud.

    Meanwhile, S.E.C. target Fab Tourre – the Goldman exec who joked about selling bad bonds to “widows and orphans” – will not do a day in jail for his part in a fraud that caused two banks in Europe to lose over a billion dollars. And Fab’s restitution will range from $30,000 to $780,000, depending upon how much judge Katherine Forrest decides to ding him for each of his six counts of civil fraud. (It will be very interesting to see where she lands on that decision). Fab’s bank, Goldman, Sachs, has already settled for $550 million for the same case, which is a lot of money, but again less than the total amount of the damage. And nobody went to jail.”

  • Here is a whole bunch of information that you will find interesting about Berkshire Hathway–most of below are emails that I sent county attorneys, board of discipline, etc.

    thanks and feel free to call with any questions (it is a lot of information)

    Mike Nielsen 402.405.6900

    I went to Holt County and copied most of all the deeds of 15,500 acres that was not reported by attorney Clarence Mock on my grandfather’s estate. I have also attached my grandfathers inventory as it was filed in Cuming County where there is no record of this land. There is another 160 acres that clarence mock illegally took ownership of that wasnt filed on my grandfather’s estate. He has recently sold that ground because we have been discovering what illegal activities he has committed. I have also attached a certified letter that i sent to County Attorney Thomas Herzog because his office has been less than cooperative. The main reason I went and copied the deeds myself.

    Do you have a contact or someone that you speak directly on these matters. This is a lot of money and ground to just call a switchboard which i have tried. Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks and hopefully talk to you soon

    Michael Donald Nielsen

    or Rod Zwygart–402.750.5416—he can tell you precisely what is going on because he was the accountant for many many years

    My name is Michael Donald Nielsen and my grandfathers accountant, Rod Zwygart, has come forth to uncover how and why my grandfather hid his shares of Berkshire Hathaway. Zwygart was the accountant involved in hiding it from my grandparents divorce before he had a change of heart in the early 2000’s to come forward. Zwygart has several clients that know my grandfather and his numerous shares and even traveled to Reno NV to look into setting up a trust to hide the shares. I have attached several emails to verify the authenticity of this claim and the inside of Berkshire Hathaway as it has never seen before.

    The problem is that these “early Berkshire Hathaway” shareholders are dying and do not have enough cash to pay the estate taxes, but still want to keep their shares. Mr Zwygart is waiting for your call 402.750.5416 and can answer all the questions that you might have!

    Below are videos and emails that I have sent that shows the power that my grandfather had and how they (my grandfather and his attorney) used the same method to hide other assets (millions) as they did the Berkshire Hathaway

    Please call and we can answer all questions


    Publicly held companies are not as transparent as we all think and the IRS, SEC, auditing firm Deloitte, transfer agent Wells Fargo are all in on it. We had an Edwards Jones agent use the transfer agent to get into the computer to see all the sahres but then the boss came over and hung the phone up. We could not get back a hold of her. Besides all the other people that are coming forward now that my grandfather passed away. Not to mention that IRS targeted auditing my grandfathers accountant extensively for coming forward. All the authorites agree with us but then we can not get a hold of them again (i have all of those too!)
    Below i have attached some emails to the Board of Nebraska of whats going on. There has not been any response and i also have tried to get a hold of the IRS and the SEC extensively and to no avail. I have all the certified letter to those organizations (i bet their is 100 going to about everyone in every division in the US). From what i am gathering is that since it is Bill Gates and Warren Buffett–nobody wants to touch it. I attached the IRS assessment after I got a hold of them in jan 2012 and then they did this pathetic assesment a few months later. They took the attorneys word for it and did not go out to the county which is in far from the IRS office in Omaha! I also attached the true legals from the county to show that the IRS is covering for them as well. Why is it that the IRS and SEC go after the small people but tend to overlook or cover for the wealthy people. There are more recent disclosures but I have to keep them quiet for now-please feel free to call the accountant Rod Zwygart 402.750.5416

    He can also tell you about the Hoff family that knew my grandfather and got their shares the same way. You might remember it was in the paper for Berkshire Hathaway buying her 10,000 shares back! Dr Hoff was a partner with Zwygart in a bank!
    I have everything you need for burden of proof


    Mike Nielsen

    I am the grandson of Donald E Nielsen who put together a youtube video to explain how my grandfather (now deceased) and his attorney Clarence E Mock have illegally avoided paying inheritance taxes to the federal government and estate taxes to Cuming County of Nebraska. 2nd video — 1st video–

    Point One–My grandfather owned thousands of acres in Holt and Brown County (equals to millions of dollars)! Attorney Mock, who is also the trustee of the Donald E Nielsen Irrevocable Trust, never reported this on my grandfathers of estate. My grandfather’s accountant, Rod Zwygart, went to go look at the legal in this county and found something interesting. Mock had illegal changed the ownership of the land from Donald E and Sarah Nielsen to Donald E Nielsen in care of Clarence E Mock. Mock has now taken ownership of this land without any tax consequences

    Point Two–Judge Ensz suddenly retired last year. A Deputy sheriff by the name of Brad Boyum led me on to where my grandfather was paying judges off through Waddell and Reed. A month prior to my grandfather’s death he explained to me that he paid his Ensz’s wife (who is a representative of Waddell and Reed) through his account that he had there $200,000. There was a court case in Cuming County involving my grandmother’s estate and how Mock hid assets for my grandfather during their divorce who was also the corporate attorney for both of them through Nielsen Oil and Propane. My grandfather told me he paid him $100,000 before the trial. But, the court ruled in my grandmother’s estate favor. My grandfather then paid another $100,000 through Waddell and Reed. Ensz, a month later, reversed his decision and through it out of court!

    Point Three– This has been brought to the attention of county attorney Daniel P Brach but he said it was pre-approved by the court before him and he wasnt going to do anything about it (i have letters to confirm). Thing to keep in mind that my grandfather used Bracht regularly before as his own attorney before being appointed county attorney.

    Point four–First National Bank, VP Tom Jensen, gave my grandfather a $46 million loan when his assets at that time were only $8 million with First National Bank. My grandfather told me that he had to pledge his shares of Berkshire Hathaway there. This was to bail out about 13 banks in Northeast Nebraska because of a individual by the name of George Young Cattle.

    Point Five–There are two other families by the name of Paus and Moody in Cuming County that also executed the same illegal manuever to hide their class A shares of Berkshire Hathaway. This is well known to those who do not have enough cash to pay the inheritance and estate tax and do not want to sell their shares.

    Point Six–People get caught up in the number of shares but think if we were right! The state of Nebraska and federal government is being skated out of millions of dollars with or without his shares of Berkshire Hathaway shares. And Mr Zwygart has decided to come forth who was the accountant for 20 years.

    People put into your positions have the duty and responsibility to take action!



    Dear Board Members,

    Attached is the legal descriptions of two Nebraska Corporations called Bob-Den, Inc. and BDK Inc. I had the help of a real estate agent that has been doing business in Brown and Holt County for 35 years. We wrote the exact legal descriptions for the land of Bob-Den Inc. which comes up to 97 quarters of land. Lets do the math–97 (quarters of land) x 160 acres of land (acres in a quarter) x $3,000 (conservative rate for an acre when my grandfather died) = $46,560,000!!!!!!!!!!!

    On the Inventory page Mock claimed that property at $3,102,090.77 which is a 50% ownership so take that x2 and Mock valued it at $6,204,181.54 that is a $40,355,818.46!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DIFFERENCE

    The second Nebraska Corporation that is listed is BDK, Inc. that has 17 quarters of land. So, 17 quarters x 160 acres x $3000 (an acre) = $8,160,000
    The real estate agent will also testify to this land as well.

    I would like to know why Mock didn’t put BDK, INC. in the inventory on the estate of Donald E Nielsen. ILLEGAL

    Now lets talk about the Donald E Nielsen Revocable Trust which all of my grandfather’s assets were transferred into prior to his death (Mock’s own words and filed with the disciplinary office–please look up for own reference). The question is why does Mock list an inventory of the assets of my grandfathers when it went all into a trust? Because this way he can show the assets that he wants the court, IRS, etc. to know about and hide the rest with the trust (ie: 220,000 Berkshire Hathaway and other significant assets).

    Please also note the Tempico (151,000 shares) that is a Louisiana Corporation that is privately held and is valued as a penny stock at $1,510.00. Mock and other trustee Harold Baldwin did this because they bought the stock from the Trust which allowed them to STEAL the stock without paying huge taxes!!!!

    Last thing for now, Please take a look at the $5,000,000 loan that is associated with First National Bank of Beemer. This is a loan that is NOT Funded and is a ficticious loan used to pay off the bank that helped Mock hide all of his assets! 2nd video — Here are the two videos explaining how Mock with others illegally hid the Berkshire Hathaway 1st video–
    6 attachments — Download all attachments
    deloitte.pdf deloitte.pdf
    343K View Download
    Inventory.pdf Inventory.pdf
    198K View Download
    IRS Assessment.pdf IRS Assessment.pdf
    75K View Download
    Legal Descriptions.pdf Legal Descriptions.pdf
    284K View Download
    Mock Testimony.pdf Mock Testimony.pdf
    806K View Download
    wb letters.pdf wb letters.pdf
    66K View Download

    5 Attachments

    Preview attachment Deeds.pdf

    Preview attachment Inventory.pdf

    Preview attachment Herzog.docx

    Preview YouTube video Warren Buffett and Bill Gates Stock Fraud of Berkshire Hathaway

    Warren Buffett and Bill Gates Stock Fraud of Berkshire Hathaway
    Preview YouTube video Berkshire Fraud

    Berkshire Fraud
    Attachments area
    Preview YouTube video Warren Buffett and Bill Gates Stock Fraud of Berkshire Hathaway

    Warren Buffett and Bill Gates Stock Fraud of Berkshire Hathaway
    Preview YouTube video Berkshire Fraud

    Berkshire Fraud

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