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Secret Central Bank Activity In The Gold Market Exposed

from KingWorldNews:

Investors need to be focused on the numbers that are involved in the gold market. The available feedstock of gold and other precious metals that is necessary to prevent the paper market from being bifurcated from the physical market is being rapidly depleted.

This gets no attention in any of the mainstream media. It’s absolutely amazing. You are not going to read about this in the Financial Times or the Wall Street Journal or any bank sell-side reports for that matter.

William Kaye continues @

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1 comment to Secret Central Bank Activity In The Gold Market Exposed

  • Ben

    mainstream media IS your Enemy!
    They are ruthless liars and manipulators. CNBS and Bloomberg Financial TV are totally corrupt, work for the Banksters to fleece YOU of your money!

    Wake up or go broke.

    MSM wants to control info, control everything including your Brain.

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