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Santelli Slams Liesman: “There’s A Difference Between Real-Life Inflation And The Government’s”

from Zero Hedge:

We have not been shy of sharing our opinion on the hedonics-adjusted, constantly recalibrated-basket-based idiocy that is the government’s measures of inflation. However, this morning’s Liesman-led cognitive dissonance at the PPI was smashed from the government’s Matrix by Rick Santelli’s frustration spilling over… Santelli barks, “Listen, I don’t believe the government’s calculations. There, I said it… I don’t have better numbers; I have common sense;” adding that (just as we noted here with energy and real expenses) that “there’s a difference between real life and the government.”

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2 comments to Santelli Slams Liesman: “There’s A Difference Between Real-Life Inflation And The Government’s”

  • steelerdude

    Liesman should learn, Santelli tells it like it is …maybe due to he has children…
    We all look out for OUR children….they are dumb, naive and have no idea what is
    about to hit the fan….

    I stopped listening to cnbc around 2006….the pump and dump killed me….cnbc was
    expert at it….sell one company, dump it that afternoon ….

    and when cnbc puts 8 – 12 people sitting around a table with each one thinking they
    knows what is going on….holy cow! I need to dump a bucket of SHIT on the whole


  • Just send Liesman the shadowstats website.
    Or maybe not. Fools like this will deny reality till the end.
    As far as Rick Santelli, from now on , i will listen to what you have to say. Well done.
    Here’s a quote for Liesman.
    ” 95% of humans that are past 40 years of age , are no longer seekers of truth. They are seekers of support for there previous convictions”
    this is what makes them content in life. Truth has to take a backseat to protect their egos and the convictions they’ve held for so long.
    There are none so blind as those who —— you get my drift.
    Good on ya Rick

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