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Rick Ackerman – Gold’s Rally Going Over $1400


When we last spoke with Rick Ackerman, he had an extremely low risk short stock market trade that looks like it’s about to pay off big time. Gold wasn’t doing much back then, but now Rick thinks it’s getting reading to make a major move, even after the pretty good run it’s already had. He also sees some pretty good upside in the juniors. And the seasonal factors are all pointing upwards as well. Combine James Turk’s recent comments about gold’s likely year end finish at $1675 or higher and we’re probably looking at a major precious metals take off.

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1 comment to Rick Ackerman – Gold’s Rally Going Over $1400

  • cory

    Wow! Thanks so much for this confirmation now, considering that for the last six months none of these metals pushers could find their ass with both hands. Now the price is rising above resistance and they all come out of the wood work with their “predictions and professional” advice.

    I buy precious metals but the fact that a lot of these guys were selling at the top and telling everyone else to hold is a bit despicable. All the while articles like this promote the front that we are all on the same side. Wrong!

    Good advice is not free and free advice is rarely good. You’ll pay for information somehow,either in time or hard earned currency.

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