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Richard Russell – I Haven’t Seen Anything LIke This In 60 Years

from KingWorldNews:

Richard Russell: “When things get this crazy, one has to go by the seat of one’s pants. According to Gene Epstein in this week’s Barron’s, the US jobless rate is not 7.6%, it’s actually 7.9%. Since the 2009 lows, the nation’s Gross National Product has swelled by $1.3 trillion, but the stock market has gained $12 trillion in value.

Meanwhile, the VIX has dropped to a multi-month low under 12, meaning that option traders see low volatility in coming months. And I’m thinking, after the calm comes the storm. For all the above reasons plus a churning in my stomach, I’m exiting this market (good-bye DIAs), and I suggest that maybe my subscribers might do the same. But it’s up to the individual. You might stick around with a mental stop loss on your DIAs if they break below 154.

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3 comments to Richard Russell – I Haven’t Seen Anything LIke This In 60 Years

  • steelerdude

    This is what is scaring the crap out of me….the analysts are so far off now….their predictions only taken with a grain of salt….

    We relied so much on these people in the past….but when they cant figure out what the WTF is going on….we are blind and must enter the abyss blindfolded….

  • Mike

    Yup. And I like how you call them analysts instead of experts since they are far from experts.

    2 months ago we were hearing just wait for August. Still waiting while prices go down. These are the same people that continually said “wait for XYZ” over the last two years and the price has gone down. Part of me wonders if it will be stuck like this for years. In 2010 I was reading how the end of manipulation was close. 3 years later the same B.S. So why cant this continue for at least another 3 years? Meanwhile, continue to lose more money.

  • FR10


    When the weekly price action busts through the 20 day avg. then settles back to the avg. and places a nice consolidated candle-buy long term. Anything less than weekly is a short term trade.
    Or just buy so the frickin banks don’t get your cash- and wait like me.

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