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Radley Balko Discusses Militarization of Police Force

from ReasonTV:

“The police have become more militarized, more soldier-like in the last generation or two,” explains journalist and author Radley Balko. “It applies to the weapons they are using, the uniforms they wear…to the tactics they use, to what I think is the most pervasive problem which is the mindset that police officers take to the job.”

Balko, author of the new book Rise of the Warrior Cop: The Militarization of America’s Police Forces, sat down with ReasonTV to discuss the book, the growth and development of SWAT forces, and how the drug war has fostered an “us against them” mentality within police departments.

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3 comments to Radley Balko Discusses Militarization of Police Force

  • prestodo

    People have been making the same comments for hundreds of years about police. The fact of the matter is that police have to take on a para-military role as it is their job to kill people if need be. Police are trained killers, just like military are trained killers. People tend to forget about the fact that it is the police that are called on to take down active shooters and to engage in gun battles with criminals that have high powered and even automatic weapons in a domestic setting. Of course police are going to adopt tactics and technology that the military uses because it works! Anciently, police forces were derived from a nation’s military force in the first place. The two have always had commonality and always will. I’m just so tired of hearing people complain that the police are too militarized when criminals in our society have better weapons and gear than even the military does. I guess these same people expect the police to take on an army of criminals with a six-shooter revolver and nothing else and then do a good job of protecting the public at large. It makes no sense. Stop complaining that the police are “militarized”!!! This has always and will always be the case and is necessary.
    My view on it is that people who complain about the police are just wannabe criminals who would like to see the U.S. fall into complete chaos.

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