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Protecting Workers “Rights” Protects Them From Getting Jobs

from SchiffReport:

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1 comment to Protecting Workers “Rights” Protects Them From Getting Jobs

  • petey jr.

    I wish Peter would stay out of labor bashing.
    With all the bitching about the checks and balances in
    the Spanish labor system, There must be reasons for them
    beyond politicians garnering votes. And what’s wrong with having
    six weeks vacation? Seems human and reasonable. He’s on a permanent vacation, paid, putzing around
    doing what he does (which I like most of) but his “job category” really
    doesn’t resemble “labor”.
    Perhaps if the size of many “industries” were eventually limited,
    decentralization could return, local labor/employer issues could
    be naturally resolved, locally, without too much outside regulation. Perhaps then a sense of “fairness” could return to the workplace., and no one would be “so powerful” and arrogant, that complicated special laws would be necessary.
    Peter, I doubt if you’ve ever worked a month in your life, meaning the hard, miserable or drudge stuff.
    If you think that labor should accommodate the system destroyed primarily by people
    “in your job classification”, please make this clear. Should we go back (even more) to fear and serfdom in the workplace? Zerotime labor contracts, and such feudal systems in modern cloak?
    I repeat….the management class destroyed the world and it’s economy, not labor.
    Poor or criminal management deserves little sympathy, and even less cooperation.
    PS….I think your “barter bags” of silver promotion is ridiculous, but maybe you think your clients are stupid also? Why not just sell a few bags of quarters to the goyem and be straight about it?

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