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Pop! Gold & Silver Spiking After Horrible July Home Sales Report

from Silver Doctors:

After consolidating last week’s massive gains throughout the week (and weathering the cartel’s Fed minutes raid Wednesday, gold and silver have both just broken out of the cartel’s capping at $23.20 in silver, and $1375 in gold, with silver making a vertical move and closing in on $24, and gold launching towards $1400.

The move comes on today’s horrible home sales report, which saw new home sales plunge to just 35k in July with rapidly spiking interest rates. It appears the market is telling Bernanke that taper is not an option.

Will we see a weekly close over $24 and $1400 setting up a massive rally to start next week?

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8 comments to Pop! Gold & Silver Spiking After Horrible July Home Sales Report

  • Brian

    More “get rich quick” propaganda….buy metals now with the promise of striking it rich in the next year or two

    You’ll NEVER get rich from your metals, because they manipulate and control it ALL

    • SGT

      Lil Bri guy, if by ‘get rich quick’ you mean suffer a two year cliff dive from $48 to below $20 as Wall Street Banksters throw tens of BILLIONS of unbacked paper ounces at the market illegally… you may want to Google what ‘get rich quick’ means.

      • Brian

        Right! and as God says….you’ll be casting your gold/silver into the streets…it won’t save you from collapse Sean.

        It’s also clear that the prediction ‘experts’ are pumping up precious metals again to sell them….If Metals are going through the roof as the ‘experts’ claim,then why are they selling?? Why not wait till silver hits $60 an ounce as the ‘experts’ claim and then sell?

        AND when you decide to turn your metals in,guess what you’ll be trading it back in for?? MORE PAPER! 🙂

        • Glitter 1

          You don’t comprehend the facts regarding Gold and Silver any better than your misunderstanding/use of scripture taken out of context.

          • Brian

            I understand the facts quite well and the precious Metals pushers (liars) who make predictions that don’t come true 😉

            perhaps you need to wake up….they control it all and manipulate it all..

            You think your going to barter metals with the zombie public? or your brain dead neighbor? it isn’t going to happen.Plus,You do realize that when you trade that metal back in, you’re trading it back in for more worthless PAPER? 🙂

            Invest in Food/Water/Guns to survive

    • andrew james

      “next year or two” I’ve been buying this inedible crap since 1998. wish you were here

  • Paul T.

    It’s not about getting rich quick. It’s about history repeating because those who don’t follow history and see what’s coming are gonna be getting poor quick.

  • andrew james

    I wasn’t able to back the truck up on that last dip. Just a few handfuls is all I could get away with. darn

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