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NO War with Syria Protest Rallies: Take a Stand!

by Aaron Dykes and Melissa Melton, TruthStream Media:

Rallies against a U.S.-led bombing campaign in Syria broke out across the globe today as people took to the streets to say NO to more banker wars.

We attended the protest in Austin, Texas and while many people came out holding up signs and calling for peace, more people should have been there. This effects every single one of us.

News has just broken that Obama has decided to take action in Syria.

We will be praying for Syria and for the world. This violence has to come to an end. We can’t bomb Syria because Obama says Syria bombed Syria. This is no roadmap for peace.

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1 comment to NO War with Syria Protest Rallies: Take a Stand!

  • Mary G. Jacksons

    That’s always shocked me. While people in the USA express an outrage against their nation being involved in some country civilians annihilation Russians seen either not to care at all or vise verse support their government interventions aimed at killing people. Is it mentality? Or what? Also you can find some more thoughts at We need to operate all the facts to be able to evaluate situation correctly.

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