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No.10 owns the Guardian: ‘You’ve had your fun, now return the documents’

from 21st Century Wire:

We are now told David Cameron’s government at No.10 Downing Street said to Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger: “You’ve had your fun, now it’s time to return the documents”.

Only after threat of a gov’t lawsuit, Rusbridger had allowed special branch police, along with two ‘supervisors’ from GCHQ, into the Guardian head office’s basement where they proceeded to destroy hard drives and computers. Welcome to the Big Society.

Is this merely ‘matador’ journalism on the part of the powerful Guardian media group?

Earlier this week, 21st Century Wire was highly critical of the Guardian’s decision to cave in to government intimidation, and saw Rusbridger’s decision as a dangerous precedent in the history of press and media in the UK. Quite disingenuously, Rusbriger claims, “I was happy to destroy it, because it wasn’t going to inhibit our reporting”. The point here is Rusbridger didn’t “destroy it” as he claims (or did he?). Much worse in fact, he allowed government operatives to enter the premises and destroy it. Clearly a move in his, or the paper’s interest, but not necessarily in the public’s interest.

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1 comment to No.10 owns the Guardian: ‘You’ve had your fun, now return the documents’

  • Rodster

    All in the name of a manufactured and faceless enemy by the States, called….”Terrorism”. I still believe all of this spying is being done to know who the dissenters are when the SHTF. 😉

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