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Naked Tyranny: UK Gov’t defends detention David Miranda, as Guardian caves into threats

from 21st Century Wire:

Predictably, there is plenty of public outrage in response to this latest installment of the Ed Snowden/NSA affair… 

Aside from detaining and threatening David Miranda, who appeared to be acting a courier in conjunction with the Guardian’s NSA/GCHQ investigation, Greenwald’s partner revealed yesterday that he was “forced to give passwords” to computers, email and social media accounts to his interrogators who threatened him with prison if he did not comply.

Beyond the obvious narrative here of the U.S. and Britain officially declaring war not only on whistleblowers, but on journalism and journalists – there lies another development waiting in the wings of this Hegelian saga. We only have to wait and see how the government media complex talking points manifest in the wake of this crisis. More sweeping powers in the name of national security, or more regulation of the press? More Leveson rules? Take your pick, but we know how this will end.

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