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MTV VMA’s: Miley Cyrus & Robin Thicke’s “BLURRED LINES” In-Your-Face Metaphor for Pedophillia

by SGT,

If you have kids like I do, then you probably watched Miley Cyrus, Disney’s Hannah Montanna, grow up in front of your eyes.

The mega-popular Disney show debuted on the Disney Channel on March 24, 2006. According to Wikipedia, Hannah Montanna was nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Children’s Program from 2007 through 2010. And it even spawned a hit movie. Hannah Montana: The Movie was released in theaters on April 10, 2009. Miley’s famous real-life Dad Billy Ray Cyrus starred on the show with her, playing Hannah’s father.

We are now witnessing the transformation of the pure and innocent child we watched on the Disney Channel, into an Illuminati “sex kitten”. Miley’s recent video ‘We Can’t Stop’ is a disturbingly vile visual example. And the public at large seems equally disturbed by Miley’s transformation. With nearly 160 million views on You Tube, Miley’s latest single ‘We Can’t Stop’ has 815,000 thumbs up votes and 738,000 thumbs downs.

But that hasn’t stopped Miley. At Sunday night’s MTV Video Music Awards (VMA’s), sex kitten Miley emerged from within a giant Teddy Bear in an outfit fit for the Red Light District in Amsterdam, and proceeded to “perform” her song ‘We Can’t Stop’.

Miley then remained on stage to “partner” with 36-year old Robin Thicke to perform his hit ‘Blurred Lines’. Miley Cyrus, still looking like the fresh-faced prepubescent girl who grew up on the Disney Channel, then simulated on-stage sex acts with Thicke as the world watched.

Although Miley is now 20 years old, the sight of Disney’s Hannah Montanna emerging from a giant teddy bear and then simulating sex acts with a much older man on stage in front of MTV’s worldwide audience of mostly young people, is disturbing to say the least, and downright Satanic to be more accurate. This is perhaps unsurprising to some readers given Disney’s historical ties to occult and Illuminati symbolism.

If the idea of a Satanic influence at the VMA’s and in Miley’s life specifically sounds a bit paranoid to you, don’t take my word for it. Ask Miley’s father Billy Ray.

In a 2011 interview with GQ Magazine Billy Ray Cyrus said, “My family is under attack by Satan, I’m ‘scared for’ Miley.

According to the NY Daily News, Billy Ray said the Disney show “destroyed my family. I’ll tell you right now – the damn show destroyed my family,” Cyrus then admitted he wishes they never agreed to do the show in the first place. “I’d take it back in a second. For my family to be here and just be safe and sound and happy and normal, would have been fantastic. Heck, yeah,” he said. “I’d erase it all in a second if I could.”

The overtly Satanic themes in past MTV VMA shows is well-documented. Was the Miley Cyrus/Robin Thicke performance also a contrived concoction to promote the idea of sex with minors, using Hannah Montanna sex kitten Miley as the tool for the Satanic agenda? What would Billy Ray Cyrus say? Here’s what he told GQ in 2011:

Billy Ray argued that his family is now being ruined by Satan. “No doubt,” he insisted. “There’s no doubt about it.”

We are now being bombarded by Satanic and occult symbols in music videos, cartoons and television shows, on a daily basis. As our friends Aaron Dykes and Melissa Melton at Truth Stream Media like to say, there’s a reason it’s called “TV programming”.

Help us spread the ANTIDOTE to corporate propaganda.

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48 comments to MTV VMA’s: Miley Cyrus & Robin Thicke’s “BLURRED LINES” In-Your-Face Metaphor for Pedophillia

  • ivan

    I just throw up in my mouth.

  • Joe

    The Terrifying Future of The United States

  • Brian

    Gotta Say that Billy Cyrus is right(Satan does have control of her family) but he is also mostly at Fault here….why? Because he Groomed her! He got her involved into the dark business of “Hellywood” and now she is likely under some MK Ultra mind control and is under a Handler,along with Demonic forces who are using her to corrupt the degenerate youth..

    He can’t do nothing about it now unless he wants to lose everything he has (any fame and fortune that he has left)

  • knowtoomuch

    One trip, One noise :

    ■ 2 interviews with colonels wife Kay Riggs about a worldwide US military Pedophillia Network :


    ■ « Boys Town » ( John De Camp) doc 1 hour :


    United Nations ‘peace keepers’ abusing children :

  • Good Ole Boy

    Satanism is not a stranger to the music community, I think of Ozzy, Alice Cooper, KISS, Rob Zombie, and a host of others. What is different is that this girl was an idol for many little girls out there, not for grown men or confused teenage boys.

    Just because it was on TV doesnt mean the American people accept it. They had the least number of viewers that they have ever had and while it will show up on YouTube, the majority of it will be negative. I see the same thing with gun control and whats going on in Syria. No matter what the media and the politicians do, we dont want more gun control or to get involved in Syria. We aint buying their shit no more.

    Guard your kids carefully and teach them about the world because they are our future. I have a 3 year old daughter and it is extremely difficult to keep the occult influences at bay but as parents that is our job. So no matter what the entertainers, the media, or anyone else does, the ultimate responsibility lies with the parents.

    • Joe

      The music industry along with ALL other forms of entertainment, media, sports, and the ENTIRE financial industry is owned, operated and controlled by the ZIONISTS!

      The goal is to break down the moral fabric of our once patriotic and wholesome society. Their goal is to make the abhorrent normal and the wholesome despised. In the process they are/were able to take over the world strongest nation without firing one shot!

      Drop the remote and get the word out to others!

      • Jacobson

        The zionists ?
        Yeah bash ’em , but dont be afraid to look in the mirror .
        The sex industry in U.S is so big – all the filth in the world arrives from U.S !

        If the zionists are behind this brainwash – how can it be while the “zionist state” is not a sex club like U.S ?
        Maybe its beacuse the people are not watching this crap and despise it ?

        Your culture is ruined .
        The people are stupid and the media just give you the meal you so like .
        this , and a happy meal for the kids .

        • Joe

          Enter the ZIONIST shill himself, JACOBson! Word get out to Abe Foxman about my comment and they sent your paid ZIONIST shill ass in here asap to help deflect?

          JACOBson, while you here, why not inform the readers of the multiple paid internet shill programs Israel has o help spread more of their propaganda! What program are you part of the “college tuition” program?

          You filthy, evil vile bag of puke!

          • Jacobson

            Hello ,
            I’m not pro zionist , u can bash them as much as u want .
            Everytime there’s a comment u people don’t like , u call it a paid troll .

            No one is paying me , I swear .

            What I ment is :
            Your american culture is full of sex .
            It is long time that americans adore big boobs and beautiful smile .
            This is part of the american dream i guess …
            All those plastic surgerys …

            BTW ,
            more than 20 years ago , while my father lived in NY ,
            Maddona , who was an unknown singer , almost raped my father ,
            My father always telling this story in order to show how the american culture is all about sex .
            When girls go out and behave like unleashed men , its a problem !

            But you people blaming the zionists ,
            So answer : How can it be that this sex industry is not succesful in Israel ?
            Let me tell you ,
            Its about what u people support and what you teach you children .
            The media , just like any other business , want to SELL and make profits ,
            They feed you with what the people like .
            Just like the Mcposion (mcdonalds) – they dont care about your health – they just want to sell and make $$$ .
            The israelis , for example , recently boycotted mcdonalds .
            We look at this resturant as a POSION ! they are closing their branches every year …
            And americans ? Oh they like this crap !
            Same goes for the media .

            • Joe

              Nice try JACOBson! You have been appearing here for many months. You and I have had many words exchanged. Remember when you first popped on the scene and called me an anti-Semite for bringing up FACTS ( backed up by articles and links) of what and who the ZIONISTS actually control? Do you also remember how I shut you down by pointing out that the ZIONISTS aren’t even Semites to begin with, they are of European Khazar lineage!

              That said, and I’m not wasting much time with you ( many months in the past is enough and most people know your angle ). The decay you see America today, in the streets, on the television, on Hollywood screens, on music stages ect. is choreography created by the ZIONISTS for sole purpose of destroying every aspect of this once great nation.

              Everything I have named above is owned, operated, controlled and manipulated by these filthy degenerates! NUFF SAID!

              Now go back to your supervisors and try coming back with a new angle to deflect the obvious and factually back truth!

        • GoodOleBoy

          What do you mean by “your” culture? My culture is a conservative, patriotic, and neighborly. I’m not sure where you are from but you can’t judge us by what you see on TV or the values of a few. Most small town Americans are good wholesome people but you don’t hear about that because its not “news worthy.” The whole reason they have to do what they do in secret is because they know we wouldn’t accept it. I get tired of people bashing the American people because of the ignorant people that get the spotlight.

          We are pushing back, evidenced by people like Sean who, because their work, force the corrupt media to cover issues they would not otherwise. The “all powerful zionists” who control everything only have power as long as people do what they say. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. The more they try assert control, the more the population understand the truth. In the end, we will win. We are in a situation where we can stumble into the dark ages or have a golden age, its all up to the people not up to some evil villains in some dark boardroom somewhere.

          • Jacobson

            GOB ,
            I wish u luck with the struggle against the filth and ignorance .
            BUT , the stupid media , junk food and many others are flooding my country with american pride .

            • Jacobson

              If a famous singer would do this kind of thing on stage ,
              the israelis would throw eggs and tomatoes at her …
              the zionists too =)

              And thats what americans should do .

              • GoodOleBoy

                Really? I suppose you haven’t seen Madonna’s last concert in Tel Aviv, that was not only filled with this type of erotic suggestion but was basically a huge black mass. I mean it was so in your face anyone half aware could see but the crowd just cheered on. I am sure Jay Z will recieve the same warm reception when he visits there this year. I don’t believe the crowds at this repersent the population as a whole, just as the population is represented by the politicians.

                While we are on Isreal, I want too make some observations. People keep referring to the Bible and what it says about Isreal and applying it to the state of Isreal. Isreal wasn’t created until after WW2 because Winston Churchill, in repayment of debt to the Rothschilds, went to the UN and formed a state with land stolen from the Palestinians. That’s like me having a son and naming him Jesus, then saying Christ has returned. The people of Isreal are good people but just like in the US, they have allowed the banking interests to control their destiny.

      • Brian

        Zionists? how about the Jesuits! All roads lead to Rome

    • TheVirginian

      It looks like she has two little stumps for horns.

  • DaveL

    Well, if Billy Ray isn’t proud of his little developing SUPER SLUT, why doesn’t he go NATIONAL INFORMATION OUTLETS and denounce HER degenerate behavior NOW?

    “The devil made me do it”…I thought Flip Wilson died!

  • Grimace

    Beetle Juice, Beetle Juice, BEETLE JUICE!!!

  • Daniel

    In the first place, anybody who tuned in to this show in it’s original broadacast:

    1) Has an IQ in the single digits

    2) Is desperate for something MORE (emphasis on MORE) meaningful to do (like watching Professional Wrestling would be a start, albeit not a good one…but still better)

    3) LOST and FUBAR

    Screw this slut. That’s right. SLUT!! She’s 21 now…and fair game. Earth to Miley. Hey…the Lady Gaga/Madonna/Katie Perry one-upsmanship will only destroy you….
    please God sooner than later. Maybe she and Justin Bieber can get nakid in front of a national audience, do more disgusting acts, and hasten the Day Of The Lord.


    • Joe

      Daniel you missed the entire point! This imagery is aimed primarily at young girls who grew up with Cyrus. It’s about destroying their minds and removing moral character leading into adulthood. It’s about destruction and take over of our once great society!

      • Daniel

        Oh yeah Joe? What point did I miss?

        The single-digit IQ of the general population? Anybody dispute that? C’mon. I’m waiting.

        The bread-and-circuses of entertainment? (you see, I was being sarcastic about the Pro Wrestling comparison, but I guess that got lost on you).

        The Lady Gaga/Modonna/Kate Perry comparison of how entertainment has hit an all-time-low? Maybe I should have just said maybe Miley needs to let a dog screw her like Madonna did in her book…what…20 years ago?

        Like you said bro…as did I…now twice…

        It’s about destroying their minds and removing moral character leading into adulthood. It’s about destruction and take over of our once great society!

        I just said it differently.

      • Finn

        Probably more about selling records. Americans are so desensitized that we need good, proper shock value to receive a point. She’s doing the same thing Madonna et. al. did early in their careers to display themselves in a new image casting off the old.

        I think many are overreacting but I understand. She’s the one who’s going to have to live with this. And satan is made up so relax. How many times was “the lord” supposed to come back by now. Please.

  • Ed_B

    It is sad and disappointing when young talented women feel that they have to become sluts to be popular and successful. They don’t. That path IS the Dark Side!

  • Krow!

    Totally disgusting. Another clear sign that America has been flushed down the septic line and is half-way into the stinkin septic tank. This young wrench is plain trash, and probably a satanic-worhsiping freak.

    I hope she flops big time, loses everything, and ends up living in the worse slums of Detroit…….shoot, she doesnt deserve that.

  • monica

    that miley was willing to degrade herself is one thing but how about the one’s who knew this was what her “act” for the show and the Network approved and aired it? All of it is just a disgusting heap of garbage.

  • johns

    GARBAGE in… GARBAGE out…… This is entertainment ???????.

  • NaySayer

    People are responsible for their own actions and what is with all this hyperventilating “satan” talk? She made her own decisions, possibly because she feels that is what sells and she wants to do what a lot of younger celibritards can’t do successfully which is transition into an adult career.

    I am sick of this “devil” made people do stuff. Nope. People are responsible for their own actions and that includes watching this drivel.

    • Praxis

      Janet’s boob, back when it was slightly less appropriate.
      Now it’s not just in your face, it’s in your pants.
      Get busy, there’s some looking up to do. Dirk Diggler looking.

    • Eric

      I agree. The human mind has a natural tendency to gravitate toward the dark and leans desires the collective without ever realizing they are already a part of something. Everyone should be looking for individual solutions, individual rights, sovereignty. Self empowerment. Stop blaming others and devoting your energy to them. Why legitimize them?

      “ha-Satan” is Hebrew for “the opposer”
      The definition of “occult” is hidden.

      Don’t make any more out of it.

      There is no giant and evil lord ruling over you unless you want there to be.

      Pretty soon they will have official asshole inspectors and I bet most everyone will turn around, bend over, and drop their pants in a flash without ever thinking about it.

  • mike

    I think it was a stupid performance but im not shocked and I certainly dont think it has anything to do with Pedophilia..She is a grown woman. If you want to talk about Pedophilia think about our recent past. People getting married at 13. I dont buy into the whole Illuminati thing at all. I think the kids are using the symbols sure because it gets a reaction. Think about all the Punk rockers, they were awesome and looked pretty damn cool in the late 70’s early 80’s. I remember clearly seeing a guy with a multi colored huge Mohawk and leather jacket walking down the street when I was a kid in 79 or 80 and thinking man thats awesome! Of course my older sister was a bible thumper and tried to convince me we we all going to hell for listening to KISS (Kings in Satanic Service) I am sure their parents were freaking out like “Greezers” parents as well. Your just getting old and grumpy and think everyone is going to hell. That’s what old people do, thats what they have always done. As far as watching her grow I am sure even Hitler was a cute kid…Just saying. I agree though I think the music is terrible now and no one has anything origional at all but like I said before, that’s what my parents probably thought about new wave.

    • mike

      Let me reinforce the fact that I thought it was beyond horrible..In fact I couldn’t finish watching it. This is in my opinion a career breaking performance and she will not be able to ever live it down. The only advice I would offer her is to remember that once something is done it can be taken back…Just awful! But once again I think she is just stupid and even kids are smart enough to know this is not acceptable behavior. Just entertainment…Bad entertainment but nevertheless entertainment.

  • Hannon

    I just tried to leave a negative comment and youtube said: “We’re currently performing site maintenace, please try later. “Then I tried to give Satan’s little sold out slut a thumbs down and it said: “This feature is not available right now. Please try again later.” I’m not sure if it really was over loaded or youtube was once again using algos to game the perception but I’m a bit unhappy giving that filth a view count without being able to express my feelings about it. The last time I felt that strongly about youtube was when I went to Mitt Romney’s channel to thumbs down his garbage and leave pro Ron Paul comments, only to find the likes and comments disabled

    • SGT

      same thing happened to me tonight on YT under a vid I wanted to leave a comment on, must be legit. Thanks to all of you for stopping by, reading this article and for your comments.

  • HS

    YUKKKK !!!!! Disgusted….

  • John

    I gave away my Propaganda tube about 7 years ago, and life has been great!! One of the greatest things I’ve done, how do people watch this shit? One of my Sisters probably watched that crap.. Sad, so Sad!!

  • The Truth

    Sean if you had not posted this I would not have known to be honest. I don’t have cable and hardly watch television unless it is a video I rented. Well the whore media needs another Madonna/Marilyn Monroe and Christina Aguilera/Britney Spears could not fit the bid so they tried Lady Gaga and now Miley. There always is a need to portray the dumb blond slut mentality to the media. A good example is the scantly dressed Barbie dolls. Well let us not get caught up in the distractions, for WW3 is on the brink and we don’t need these kind of things to make us loose focus. Heck not like we can change these people’s way of thinking. Like that football coach said “They are who we thought they were, and we let um off the hook”..LOL!

  • Peter

    Obligatory site to visit regarding this subject:

  • grossyi

    Lowest common denominator. I have seen it repeated in orphanages around the country as with school desegragation. The highest common denominator ideal is met with the lowest common denominator reality.

  • Krow!

    Soddam and GameHOREaa……..full of digusting sexual and perverted bahavior……we know what happened to them……total destruction.
    America is today’s Sodam and Gamhorea……death and destruction awaits……up to Vladimir Putin to make it happen, and this fascist administration to spurr it to happen by attacking Syria.

    Prepare accordingly everyone.

  • shawn

    May I make a suggestion? Turn off the TV. I did 4 years ago and don’t think I’ve missed much. SGT, you are better than to report on this garbage. Keep up the good work.

    • Praxis

      Did this 11 years ago. Best thing I ever did and saved a ton of money to boot.
      And I’m only 33.

      I get a lot of people asking me if I saw this or that and all I have to say is, “I don’t give pop culture any creedence. It is utterly stupid.”

      People used to walk away perplexed and hurt 5 ish years ago. Now, they don’t really get phased. Some of them do understand and parrot that point of view, yet still immerse themselves for lack of anything better to do that they can think of. If they weren’t clients I’d say, emphatically, “Think harder!”

  • Hoser

    Proof Positive that flouride in the water is bad for the people. Please God, don’t let these two procreate.

  • Suzanne

    Gang… watching the video analysis alone gave me a headache and nausea.
    I don’t watch mainstream news… just surfing past it bugs me, if nothing else, because I know it is absolute crapola.
    Dadgum cable TV bill is over $100 a month and I’m mostly watching cartoons.

  • Joe

    UPDATE: Miley Cyrus’ Twerktastic VMA Performance Tops Weekly Ratings

    Well now, it worked like a charm. Debase American society and make a boat load of shekels for their corporate enterprises in the process!

    …or it could simply be pure BS and considering they own, operate and control 96% of the worlds media, they can try to make the general public believe anything they want! Next up, make this a bigger story by using it as the key topic on all morning and evening news shows, entertainment shows…..the works. Not so hard to do when you own, operate and control everything mentioned, now is it?

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