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Michelle’s Tips For ‘Little Ones’: Make a Healthy Grocery List with Construction Paper

by Elizabeth Harrington, CNS News:

First Lady Michelle Obama’s “Lets Move!” anti-obesity campaign is out with a new set of tips to get “little ones” to eat healthy, including making grocery lists with construction paper.

Mrs. Obama’s campaign posted a list of tips from Summer Lettau, a child care provider in Michigan, on “teaching young kids to choose healthy options—and enjoy them!”

“Check out her tips to get inspired and help you teach your little ones about eating healthy,” said “Let’s Move!”

Among the tips are “celebrate veggies” and “get kids shopping.”

“When Summer heads to the grocery store, she takes her kids along,” the post says. “To get ready for the trip, kids make their own grocery lists of healthy foods and glue together pieces of construction paper in different colors.”

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5 comments to Michelle’s Tips For ‘Little Ones’: Make a Healthy Grocery List with Construction Paper

  • NaySayer

    I find it sad that a lawyer with a real job had to give up that good paying career so her asshole husband could make her and her education irrelevent and she gets to talk like a grade school teacher. It was easy for Laura Bush to talk like that because she already was a grade school teacher and she drank too much.

    Following the grand tradition of Betty Ford & Laura Bush, Michelle Obama should take up drinking to kill the boredom of being the 1st lady which has got to be the most boring job.

  • andrew james

    Her shopping list conspicuously left out specimens of vegetables that have a gmo counterpart.

  • Hannon

    Does America really need a beastly woman look a like telling us what to eat? Maybe if Barry is to much of a feminine wuss to face Putin he can send in chewbacca and she can tell him to shut up about Syria and eat his veggies. At least their is one set of cahonies in the white house

    • NaySayer

      Blah blah boring. You don’t like a female so you denigrate her looks (because you know that is all women are worth, you know, whether or not YOU would want to fuck them).

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