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McCain: Young Americans admire Snowden, see him as ‘some kind of Jason Bourne’

by Ben Wolfgang, Washington Times:

A deep distrust of government has led young Americans to hold up NSA leaker Edward Snowden as a hero, Sen. John McCain said Sunday.

“There’s a young generation who believes he’s some kind of Jason Bourne,” the Arizona Republican said during on “Fox News Sunday,” referring to the lead character in the Bourne movie trilogy who battled his own government, particularly the CIA.

Mr. Snowden’s revelations — including details of the National Security Agency’s data-collection efforts — have led to a debate on the national security vs. privacy question, and how to balance the two.

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4 comments to McCain: Young Americans admire Snowden, see him as ‘some kind of Jason Bourne’

  • It really does not matter what he says. We see John McCain and his ilk as corrupt elite who have committed high treason against the world and crimes against humanity.

  • dan

    A real American hero John, is in Russia…the true traitor to this country is YOU….Semper Fi

  • Kulafarmer

    McCain is just another ineffective washington talking heads, if he had been elected president we would already be in WWIII and would already be living under martial law.
    He and King and Christie are no different than obamma and the rest of the idiots on capitol hill.
    Time for a purge!

  • dave18

    most of the kids where I work, and most of the adults, feel the same, snowden did the right thing,

    as for McCain, the dude is really pathetic, and needs to get out of office,

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